Technology Integration

The school takes pride in the infusion of technology with the curriculum as a tool to enhance the learning experience of students. Information technology and multimedia are an integral part of Amitian classrooms. Students retain information longer when they can visualize the concepts. The school boasts of…

  • Well-equipped Digital Lab facilitates the functioning of various aspects of the school.
  • Smart classes that convert an ordinary classroom into an interactive learning experience.
  • Four modern and well-equipped Computer Labs.
  • A library with computers equipped with internet facility so that students have an access to online information for their research needs.


The school enrolment for Robotics, a multi-disciplinary tool that is being increasingly used by over 5000 schools worldwide to motivate, excite and inspire children about Mathematics and Science. Students are motivated to learn by creating their own robotic devices, as they gain a deeper understanding of interdisciplinary fields of study.

The school offers enrolment in Robotics offers for class V – VIII. The classes are held for class V-VII on the schools working Saturdays where LEGO robotic kits are used in the training. In the Robotics module, students learn to build various robots, besides learning programming through NXT-Programming Software.

Recently, three teams from the school participated in Indian Robot Olympiad Regional Championship 2014 in Delhi-NCR region at Genesis Global School from August 23-24, 2014. One of the teams got selected to participate in Indian Robot Olympiad, National Championship-2014.

Animation Lab

Animation is offered as an optional activity to the students of Classes VI – XI. The classes are held on the working Saturdays. The course is designed as a compact 2 year program. In the first year, students learn to design CGI in the image editing software, Adobe Photoshop. Then, they learn about the details of generating videos and their editing principles in Adobe Premiere Pro. They also learn to add cinematic effects in videos and the basics of 2D animation in 'Adobe After Effects' software. In the second year, they learn the popular 3D software - 3Ds Max. Here, they study and practice various aspects of 3D animation like Modelling, Texturing, Lighting and Camera Animation followed by Rendering. In the culmination of the course, they compile a final video using their knowledge of the software learnt over two years.