Activity Based Learning

Experiments, role plays, simulations and group discussions are conducted regularly to encourage learning by doing. Such activities ensure active involvement of each child, besides leading to enhancement of knowledge.

Value Based Teaching

Children are encouraged to imbibe moral values through discussion, story telling, group activities, hawans, etc. Human Values Week is also observed to inculcate value and sensitize students about social issues.

Project Based Learning

This fosters a wide range of skills in students as time management, collaboration, problem solving and peer interaction.

Field Trips

Trips and excursions promote the development of students’ social, physical, artistic, creative and emotional potential.

Collaborative Learning

The name of our school Amity which means friendship, peace and harmony, is the foundation of every teaching and learning. Children work in groups and learn ... [+] collaboratively to sensitize them towards each other, thus imbibing the importance of team work.

Theme Based Assemblies

Special assemblies on various themes lay the foundation to imbibing good virtues like honesty, truthfulness, sharing, etc. To familiarize children with the country’s rich culture and mythology, ... [+] assemblies on Indian festivals are conducted on special occasions.


Children need excitement to keep them active. To spruce up their interest, various celebrations are organised from time to time. Book fair, winter carnival, class parties, adventure camps, etc are planned for them.

Role Play & Dramatization

In the school, learning is not restricted to classrooms. Through various plays and theatre performances, children learn to express themselves freely and gain confidence, besides learning about new things and places.