Foundational stage

(Pre Nur- Grade 3)

  • Blend of play-way and Montessori Method
  • Stimulating safe and happy environment.
  • Well equipped play area and indoor games room
  • Value-driven environment
  • Equal opportunities to all
  • Multi level/activity-based

Preparatory Stage

(Grade 3 to 5 )

  • Developing scientific temperament and investigative skills.
  • Critical thinking and creativity enhancing learning.
  • Use of technology in instructional-led learning and providing an experiential learning environment. Formative assessment is interwoven with daily learning to support and enhance a child’s growth.
  • Promoting 21st century critical thinking skills

Middle Stage

(Grade 6 to 8)

  • Project based learning based on SDG
  • Imparting multiple intelligence skills
  • Mentoring and hand holding students for conducive learning environment.
  • Continuous and comprehensive evaluation for holistic development

Secondary Stage

(Grade 9 – 10 )

  • Guided by CBSE, the curriculum in class 9 and 10 is balanced with conventional, experiential and research-based learning.
  • Emphasis on Research, Analyse, Conclude and Evaluate to make learning more enjoyable and meaningful.
  • Integrated project based learning and compulsory skill subjects along with co-curricular activities enhance critical and creative thinking. ...
  • Blended learning format, use of flipped classrooms and Learning Management System for students raise the level of understandings.
  • Competency based assessment is supported by scaffolding activities.
  • Mentoring and handholding students to overcome academic barriers through extra enrichment classes
  • Digital teaching aids, Laboratory based activities, Field trips, Indoor and Outdoor sports activities, summer camps help in the holistic development of the students.
  • Distance learning programme (DLP) by Amity Institute of Competitive Examinations for academic excellence in competitive examinations gives them an edge in this competitive world.
  • Reflective practices by students and teachers help in better delivery of content and hence productive learning outcomes.
  • Leadership skills inculcated through active participation and involvement in Student Council.
  • Regular wellness sessions help in developing healthy school environments and help students to overcome challenges in classrooms and beyond.
  • Wide plethora of co-curricular activities on offer to cater to holistic development.
  • Well-designed Sports Programme on offer
  • Ample opportunities of participation in Inter School competitions , Olympiads etc.
  • Community Service
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