Trips And Excursions

Trips and excursions are time tested means of learning. There are many advantages of going on a trip. Children are often thrilled to experience their new- found independence and can learn about many interesting and diverse topics in a fun-filled and playful manner.

TERI Gram Retreat visit

Date:- September 28 – October 26, 2018

Around 354 students of Class VIII went to TERI Gram RETREAT Centre, Gurugram as a part of their yearly educational excursion held under the aegis of Amity Career Counseling & Guidance Cell (ACCGC) on different dates. The RETREAT Centre is a model of sustainable habitat with modern renewable energy services. Students learnt nuances of energy conservation strategies as they visited various sections like: Solar Water Heater, Biomass Gasifier, Underground Earth Tunnels, Waste Water Recycling, Tissue Culture Laboratory, Vermi-Compost Farm and Greenhouse.

Water and waste management zone at TERI

Students interact with staff at TERI


Students in greenhouse understand plant tissue culture


Trips to places without modern amenities can be exhausting and challenging. However children learn to cooperate, cope and adjust in different environments. They also see things from another perspective and learn not to take what they have for granted. Consequently, children become more responsible and imbibe leadership qualities. Last but not the least, each trip provides the students with a new exhilarating experience. It helps to inculcate a spirit of adventure, take quick decisions, and the children become independent, gain confidence and self esteem.

Adventure activities at Manesar camp site