International Symposium on the History of Partition, May 13, 2021.
International Conference on Emerging Socio-Cultural and Political Issues:India and Europe ,May 24-25, 2021


Department of History, AISS invited Prof. Mehr Farooqi of University Virginia to talk on Ghalib and the Persian Culture in Medieval India. The event took place on 23rd January, 2020. It was attended by significant number of students and faculties of AISS.

Guest Lecture on "Migrants and Refugees: The South Asian Experience"


SPEAKER:  Prof Partha S Ghosh

DATE: 12 .09.19(Thursday) 

TIME: 02:00 PM- 03:30 PM

The Department of Political Science, AISS organized a guest lecture at AISS at Room no 13 from 2pm -3.30 pm.


The total numbers of faculties present in the event were 10, Phd students 4, Masters Students 5, Bachelor students 20. There were in total 50 participants from Political Science and non-political science background. The sessions wereto engage and discuss on one of the most challenging issue and concern in India and to a larger context South Asia – Migration and Refugees. Also information on scope of research and emerging challenges due to migration and refugee problem was shared and were of immense knowledge.


Prof Ghosh began with historical accounts of all the South Asian countries and events that connect issues with India and how South Asia has been the most vulnerable and yet remains the most interesting region and attention for the West and the East.


Prof Ghosh referred to stories and events as experienced firsthand during his course of research on South Asian migrants and indigenous population whose plight of partition, sorrows of identity crisis and economic pressures remain noteworthy.


Many questions were asked relating to detailed explanation of issues that concern the region and why some solutions are more challenging then easy to deal with. He explained how some questions remain difficult to answer because of absence of political will and constant historical conflicts.

Guest lecture on Gender issues and Social Work by Ms. Kamla Bhasin, renown social activist on Feb 12, 2018

Amity Institute of Social Sciences (AISS) organized a guest lecture for AISS students by Prof. Jane Schukoske CEO, IRRAD (Institute of Rural Research and Development), Gurgaon on 25th September 2013. 

Prof (Dr) Nirupama Prakash, Director AISS welcomed the guest and introduced her to AISS students and faculty. 

Lecture commenced with Prof Jane briefing about IRRAD’s mission of furthering the well-being of rural communities, with emphasis on community participation in integrated village development. She highlighted on the  models adopted for rural development : water management, good governance, agricultural income enhancement, local institutions and citizen participation. Mewat district of Haryana is the focal area where IRRAD has undertaken development activities in order to address and resolve soaring and disturbed social indicators. Sustainable village development model was implemented in Mewat, which was designed and tested by IRRAD.

Prof. Schukoske left the house open for discussion among the students on an Ideal Village Model. Some of the suggestions and viewpoints which came from the audience were: adequate infrastructure, access to services and basic necessities, technological enhancements. Emphasis was also given on institution building, ownership,capacity building and partnership.

While concluding, Prof Jane gave importance to learning by doing. She highlighted on access to justice by accelerating legal literacy and spreading awareness among the rural folk. She also gave emphasis on training teachers and community workers so that they can guide people who live in rural areas and bring them to the mainstream of development at the earliest.

 Professor Jane Schukoske encouraged students to apply for internships at IRRAD. She explained the objective of internship was and how this internship could help the students gain exposure to the outside world and develop themselves as professionals. Vote of Thanks was administered by AISS faculty Ms. Nancy Chopra. Students interacted with Prof. Schukoske and found the lecture very stimulating, especially those pursuing Social Work and Development Studies.

Prof. Jane Schukoske CEO, IRRAD addressing the gathering

Students during the lecture session

2. Two eminent academicians in Social Work gave a lecture at AISS on the 4th of December 2014.

(1) Professor Madhu Bala Kasiram, Professor of Social Work, School of Applied Human Sciences(Social Work) , Howard College, University of KwaZulu Natal, Durban, South Africa . Professor Kasiram's presentation was on Post Grduate Research and Teaching in Social Work. (2) Ms Dorethee Holscher, Lecturer and Post Graduate Coordinator, School of Applied Human Sciences(Social Work) , Howard College, University of KwaZulu Natal, Durban, South Africa The topic covered by Dorothy was Human Values and Social Work Audience was AISS Social Work Students including Ph.D students.