About Us

About the Institution

AISST was established in 2008 with a view to impart holistic education in Space Science, aircraft engineering and spacecraft avionics. We have extremely good laboratory facility in Avionics, Radar and other electronics subsystems. We have a System Simulation lab with software & hardware interface.

AISST is engaged in the design and development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and associated subsystems. AISST is also a designated industry interface for "UAV rules, guidelines and certification."

At present AISST has a project for the design and development of a low earth orbit 3U-CUBESAT having a pay load capability of Automatic Identification System (AIS) for marine data collection.

Our post graduate students from dual degree program are doing Ph.D doctoral research in foreign universities namely Arizona State University, Wichita State University, Hamburg University, Ryerson University, Politecnica Italy, Nanjing University, China with scholarship (full/partial) and IIT Kanpur, Chennai and Kharagpur.

Our institute has experienced faculty / professionals from Indian Air force, DRDO, ISRO and HAL, who have been associated with aircrafts & space craft systems for a decade or two.


Amity institute of Space Science & Technology (AISST) conducts three programs to enable students to get into Aerospace and Space industry / organizations.

(a) B.Tech (Avionics) with Minor degree in Space Science: Designed to impart knowledge about design and development of aviation electronics for aircrafts & space crafts in line with foreign university.

(b) M.Tech. (Avionics) : Specialization in Aviation Electronics, Navigation Guidance and Control of Aircraft/Spacecraft.

(c) B.Tech ( Aerospace) + M.Tech ( Avionics)-Integrated. : Design to get a complete knowledge of Aircraft/Spacecraft Design, Mechanical Structures and All Associated Electronics and Control ( i.e. Avionics)

(d) Ph.d (SS&T) Part Time/Full Time

The Objective of Amity Insitute of Space Science & Techonology :

To provide students an industry oriented knowledge in the field of aerospace & avionics akin to EDU 4.0 to enable them to choose a career in research and development or to get absorbed in aerospace, space, avionics industry and Government organisation e.g. Armed forces, DRDO, HAL, ISRO etc.

Research Project

Project Title: AI based detection of a person based on Physiological Parameters

The objective of this project is to design and develop an integrated approach for detecting a person by measuring four Physiological parameters: Skeletal data, Gait parameters, Movement parameters and Face recognition parameters. It would be an Intelligent inferencing system with built-in high accuracy of recognition.

Duration: 2 years (April'22 - April'24) : Grant : 100.00 Lakhs.

Project Title: AMISAT (3U- CUBESAT)

  • Space science and engineering techniques
  • Design of a mission specific sub Systems 
  • Integration and testing of subsystem to get 99% mission success. 

Mission Statement

"To acquire the indispensable technology in developing super-small satellite system"

Launch: 2023-24

President's Message :

Amity Universe, under the Ritnand Balved Education Foundation (RBEF) is a premier educational organization which has gone a long way in taking challenges over challenges to impart quality education through its various schools & colleges. For the last decade, there is a drastic change in education due to rapid growth and emergence of new technologies like Information, Bio, Aerospace Engineering and Space Science-Technology. Technology changes due to emergence of new invention, and the changes are so fast that they become obsolete in no time. Therefore, in this become changing world of technologies we have to tune our educational systems so as to address the new sciences and technologies to compete with the global scenario.

Dr.Ashok K.Chauhan

Founder President,
Ritnand Balved Education Foundation

Message from Head of the Institution :

It is an honour to write a few words about Amity Institute of Space Science & Technology. AISST was created to fulfil the qualified engineers in aircraft, spacecraft systems as well as its electronics controls etc. (Avionics). The curriculum is tailored for Industry demand EDU 4.0 requirements which makes our students most suitable for absorption in aerospace industry. The curriculum has been designed with a view to make students aware of aerospace /spacecraft sub-systems, Artificial Intelligence, Space data science and Space robotics giving ample flexibility to our students to specialize in any one of them.

Our B.Tech Avionics curriculum is completely designed for aircraft and spacecraft electronics systems i.e. simulation, Navigation Guidance, Flight Control, Satellite Engineering and Spacecraft System Engineering. Our Integrated Degree program aims to impart integrated knowledge of aircraft/spacecraft design along with avionics. Our M.Tech (Avionics) program is tailored for advance study in Avionics and modern research topics. We encourage and facilitate our students to do dissertation in foreign universities. Some of our students have done dissertation at Hambrg University, Italy, Dubai and Arizona State University.

Our placement record is of 95-98 % in aerospace industry. We strive to make our students a leading aerospace/ space and avionics engineer.

Prof. M.S. Prasad

Director & HOI,
Amity Institute of Space Science & Technology

Placement Profile : (95 - 98% placement record in Each batch)
  • Ph.D (Abroad) : 15% (*Politecnico Di Milano Italy,Hamburg University of Applied Science Germany,Kaust,Canada,Spain. )

  • Ph.D (India) : 3%

  • Aerospace/Airlines Industry : 71% - 73%

  • Govt. (DRDO, ISRO, Armed Forces) : 5%

  • Entrepreneurs : 1% - 2%

We encourage our students to take part in various conferences and international competitions to case our project models and design.