Our faculty brings expertise from within and outside the academia to maintain education standards of the highest order. It assumes the role of a guarantor in shaping the young minds into research-based and experiential learning systems. The environment supports an interdisciplinary integration of technology, environment, art, economic and social sciences based on the fundamentals of multi-utilitarian approach. Distinguished leaders from the field are dedicated to provide unique assistance to the students and promote the development of a culturally and ethnically diverse campus community.


The famous faces comprising the who’s who of the alumni include accomplished practicing architects, researchers and urban planners, serving the fraternity as leaders and taking their careers at a new height. The alumni are placed across varied positions, continuing to make contributions in the physio-social process of nation-building.

Every year alumni meet is conducted to bring together all the alma mater together from all over the world to interact & share their experiences with the present students and revive their old memories of the school.