The School of Architecture & Planning at present have nine students enrolled for Doctoral Programme doing their research on various fields related to the field of their specializations.

A1974115005 Jul 2015-18 Ms. Gitanjali Dr. D. P. Singh Management of construction and demolition waste in India
A1974115002 Jan 2016 -19 Ms. Preeti Nair Dr. D. P. Singh Policy interventions for sustainable development in heritage dominant villages
A1974116003 Jul 2016 -20 Ms. Anika Kapoor Dr. D. P. Singh Developing a framework for effective implementation of local area plan- a case of Delhi
A1974116004 Jul 2016 -20 Ms. Deshmukh Rutuza Prakash Dr. D. P. Singh Identifying Barriers in effective implementation of development plans in India
A1974116005 Jul 2016 -20 Ms. Deepshikha Jain Dr. Bandana Jha Applicability of transit oriented development in Indian cities
A1974117001 Jul 2017 -21 Neha Prakash Dr. D. P. Singh Identifying Performance Gaps in Green Buildings in India
A1974118002 Jul 2018-22 Vinit Ram Krishna Mirkar Dr. D. P. Singh Socio-cultural response of the built environment in konkan region
A1974118003 Jan 2019-23 Krutika ajit madkaiker Dr. D. P. Singh Vegetation management strategies to mitigate the urban heat island
A1974119001 Jul 2019-23 Mr. Bhuvan K. Mitra Dr. D. P. Singh Impact of technological trends on design of futuristic educational building
A1974119002 Jul 2019-23 Mr. Umesh Govil Dr. Bandana Jha Built and unbuilt environment: Analysis of congregational spaces along the river edge
A1974119003 Jul 2019-23 Mr. Sandeep Kumar Dr. Bandana Jha Role of Urban Legibility in Planning and Designing of Cities
A1974119004 Jul 2019-23 Ms. Anshika Agarwal Dr. Bandana Jha Re-thinking third places: social  life  and  contemporary design  with  technology
A1974119005 Jul 2019-23 Mr. Vikas Kumar Nirmal Dr. Bandana Jha Impact of environmental amenities on property prices
A1974120001 Jan 2020-24 Mr. Rajeev Sinha Dr. Charu Nangia Integration of Artificial Intelligence with building information modeling for management of building services
A1974120002 Jul 2020-24 Ms. Kolhe Madhugandha Satish Dr. Bandana Jha Guidelines on Design of Building Fenestration towards the Green Spaces for Thermal Comfort in Residential Areas
A1974120003 Jul 2020-24 Ms. Pritishma Kakoty Dr. Charu Nangia Assessing the quality of social life on commercial streets of urban centers in Indian context
A1974120004 Jul 2020-24 Ms. Km Manika Agrawal Dr. Bandana Jha Guidelines for living walls to enhance urban streetscape in Indian neighborhood
A1974120005 Jul 2020-24 Ms Alankrita Pagare Dr. Charu Nangia Impact of Precast Construction Technology on the Real Estate Projects of India:
Assessing its effectiveness from Design to Execution
A1974120006 Jul 2020-24 Ms Snigdha Dr. Charu Nangia Sustainable Public Transport System and Its Implication on Perceived Environmental Quality in NCT of Delhi
A1974120007 Jul 2020-24 Ms Preeti Mishra Dr. Charu Nangia Protocol for future smart buildings using smart materials and their addictiveness in architecture
A1974120008 Jul 2020-24 Ms Shubhru Gupta Dr. Bandana Jha Framework for developing architectural history: Case of Lodi architecture in north India
A1974121001 Jan 2021-25 Ms Tulika Dr. Charu Nangia Policy Intervention of Water Footprint in context of Sustainable Water Management
A1974121002 Jan 2021-25 Ms Susan Jamuna Chacko Dr. Charu Nangia Performance gap identification in planning and design delivery for housing projects
A1974021001 Jan 2021-24 Ms Neeharika Kushwaha Dr. Charu Nangia Policy framework model for Indian cities: ameliorating planning practices for sustainable urban development at city level”.

Making our Students global citizens and internationalization is the vision of Amity Univerity. Accordingly, various Study Abroad Programmes (SAP) have been devised and implemented for the benefit of our Students to make them confident, competent and most sought after for global employability.

ASAP is the unique opportunity extended to our students with an aim to provide excellent global exposure, widening the horizon and domain of thoughts besides enhancing the abilities and practices of the students. The academic curriculum of the SAP has been devised very meticulously in keeping with international standards. Besides providing international exposure, the SAP also holistically develops the personality of Students in that any academically brilliant, intellectually competent, adventurous and smart student can spend 2 months in London/ Singapore / Dubai / Mauritius to gain international experience.

ASAP also extend its full support to the students aspiring for Higher education through intermediate sessions on Portfolio & Resume building. Recently, an Internationlization committee is also formulated to leap the faith of the students in the system for Higher education helping them put forward their best in the industry.

List of students batch 2013-18 pursuing their Masters degree in universities abroad;
Sr. No. Name of the Student Name of Programme enrolled Duration of Programme Level (UG/PG) Institutes
1 Ms ARCHIE TYAGI B.Arch. 2 M.Arch Pratt Institute
2 Ms ANMOL BHANDARI B.Arch. 2 Production designing scad academy
3 Ms AVNEET KAUR DEV B.Arch. 2 Masters in Urban & Regional Planning University of South Florida
5 Mr AKSHAYE VAID B.Arch. 2 masters in high performance buildings university of washington
6 Ms SWATI SINGH B.Arch. 2 M.Arch. A A School of Design
8 Mr Rajat Bhatia B.Plan 2 Urban Planning LEEDS university
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ASAP is a integral part of Amity university's innovative programme called Amity University Summer School (AUSS), which is an experience to explore the horizon of opportunities through insightful practical learning techniques that invokes a path of self discovery among students.

This program adds high transformational values to students both academically and socially, paving the way for a successful college experience. Amity is the only University in India offering such an exclusive opportunity for school students to choose a University Course, receive in-depth knowledge and experience college life by staying in campus for two weeks. This innovative concept enables students to practically examine the various career options available and choose the right domain for future suiting their interest-ability-scope. Click Here