Amity School of Business is ranked No. 1

amongst top colleges offering full time BBA programmes in India

Amity School of Business is ranked No. 1

amongst top colleges offering full time BBA programmes in India

About Amity School of Business

Amity School of Business is proud of its deep heritage, its growth, its rich resources, and a vestige of students’ success stories to its credit. We are knowledgeable about the realities of our world and recognize the symbiotic relationship between education, industry, and quality of life. We understand the demand of the business sphere, which needs result oriented, decisive, flexible, efficient, innovative and ethical managers.

We focus on experiential learning in and beyond the classroom to facilitate learners in acquiring cultured management skills that will serve them well as future industry leaders.


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Amity has changed my way of thinking. It taught me to think beyond impossibilities. What I loved about amity is that it always emphasises on practical knowledge rather than theoretical knowledge through use of innovative pedagogies and always keeps students interested.

Niraj Aggarwal, BBA (M&S), 2014
Co-Founder, Brand Studio

Amity has helped me in becoming a confident through unparalleled exposure through seminars and conferences. The events at amity abetted in inculcating leadership attributes and understand management functions which helped me in running my own venture. Academic insights & practical guidance, good network, and friends for life are my achievements at Amity.

Ashish Sakhuja, BBA, 2015
Director, The Patiala Kkitchen

Amity University changed my life for better. Apart from academics, it gave me exposure to so much more. It gave me clarity about my visions, made me self-confident & independent and helped me realize my dream to be an entrepreneur in food business which I am now.

Akshika Boura, BBA, 2015
Owner, Dolce Cake Studio

Amity prepared me for the business world not only through a study of the required concepts, but also through development of practical skills like the ability to speak, act and present one’s ideas. The Study Abroad Programme (SAP) insightfully groomed me to international markets, clientele and systems

Siddharth Jain, BBA (M&S), 2017
Director, Skywalk Travels

Being at Amity is the most valuable investment I made for my future. My mind grew, opened up. I learned how to be assertive and expressive. I realized how much I am capable of because Amity pushed me to my limits. I became, essentially and fundamentally, who I am today.

Manish Jindal, BBA (M&S), 2018
Partner, JD Jwellers

Knowledge gained at Amity helped me understand the importance of analysing new trends in market and customer preferences which was definitely a value add. I am grateful to the professors and friends I met at Amity who have always encouraged, supported and guided me.  

Niyati Jain, BBA, 2017
Owner, The Dainty Delicacy

My tenure at ASB allowed me to hone on critical analytical skills, develop business acumen and instil confidence to be able to succeed in the corporate world. I will always be grateful to the wonderful faculty for assisting me in finding my love for consulting.  

Vishal Gautam, BBA+MBA, 2017
Senior Analyst, Deals Strategy & Operations, PwC

My alma mater, ASB has not only been a worthy venue of knowledge but also a wonderful land of our branching imaginations and sweet memories. The professors and the staff not only did their best to shape us into adroit professionals but also shared their love, affection and care.

Neha Pushpam, BBA, 2016
Manager – HR Consultant ,  Prowiz Consulting

ASB in literal sense has been a temple of learning for us. With the best teachers like guardians to support and uplift you while you take your critical steps, ASB provided opportunities to build future and be well-disciplined and structured too.

Kanishka Sharma, BBA+MBA, 2017
Tax Consultant, Deloitte

My experience at ASB exceeded my expectations by providing a dynamic and flexible yet well structured curriculum along with resources, dedicated and qualified faculty and ample opportunities to further my skills and talents.

Ishita Mittal, BBA, 2016
CEO, The Craft Nexus

The BBA at ASB allowed me to discover knowledge application in an organization. the professors at ASB not only teach academic concepts and frameworks, but their relevance in real environment. The course structure at ASB is a big advantage

Aman Kukreja, BBA, 2019
Marketing & Operations Manager , 

Amity was overwhelming and laid the foundation for a challenging journey ahead of me. Beyond classroom, ASB has allowed me to interact with people, build a network, and overcome my limit of public speaking. I will always cherish the friends, alumni, and teachers as a family.

Asna Akhtar ,  BBA (F&A), 2018 
Trainee, Earnst & Young

When I look back in time, the only name I have in my mind is Amity and that to specifically ASB. My BBA could have not been completed so smoothly if the faculties would not have been so supportive and encouraging at every stage of this journey.

Meghna Mehrotra, BBA, 2016
Senior Executive –HCL Technologies

I was very excited to a part of Amity group to pursue Management Degree. The business courses I learned had a huge hand in making my professional career through effective decision making. The credit undoubtedly goes to all my faculties who showed immense trust in me.

Nirakh Prakash, BBA, 2018
Assistant Relationship Manager ,  American Express

It was a different world and life spent at Amity school of business. I couldn’t get the same time, learnings and friendships ever again, I always look for the benchmark that Amity had set for me. The exposure and in depth learning at Amity was always a level ahead.

Rahul Mallan, BBA, 2009
Program Manager, Pay Pal

A major benefit to study at ASB was the mix of teaching styles, opportunity to meet more of my peers and get a chance to connect with industries and professional throughout. Studying at Amity University opened many horizons for me, both professionally and socially. 

Shagun Sharma, BBA, 2018
Ads Sales Manager, Zomato

The business courses at ASB provided a great foundation for learning. I very much enjoyed the world class facilities, exhaustive curriculum and practical approach to learning enabled by the industry exposure and internships during the program.

Tanmay Mittal, BBA, 2010
Senior Manager - Prime Video Japan ,  Amazon

>At ASB, the perfect exposure to the students give wings to them in the real world. Especially the faculty and learning opportunities help the individuals shape their career to achieve great heights. Amity has a great infrastructure and cordial ambience to support the education.

Sonia Singh, BBA, 2017
Human Resource Manager ,  Ante Air Logistics


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