Broadside (Debating Society)

Broadside, the debating society of Amity School of Economics, provides a platform to express your views, opinions and discuss your controversial thoughts. This society focuses not only on debating on the prevailing topics but also on the ones that make you think and not rely on facts. Here, discussions are also held on unconventional topics like, “does religion create more conflict than it solves” or by giving you a chance to defend the extremist ideologies and many more. Devil’s court and Taandav were two such events that allowed the speakers to express their conflicting and arguable opinions. Thus, becoming Broadside’s two of the most successful happenings.

Events like Adhikar, Disquisition, Regime Rendezvous helped Broadside stand out from all the other debating societies.

Our club gives students of all abilities a fun way of developing their oracy skills. We use different activities to help with their critical thinking and confident communication. The club also helps them to become more informed about political-global affairs and provides an opportunity to be trained for debate competitions. We at Broadside welcome everyone who has an idea, suggestion, or input on matters leading to a debate and are open to discuss, research, or give a presentation on the areas they are interested in.

Ecopedia (Economics Club)

As Economics students, what is the one club that you should join that is the most related to the course you are doing and can also help you in Academics? YES, you guessed right, may we present to you - ECOPEDIA.

Ecopedia is the Economics club of Amity School of Economics, this club was founded to impart knowledge and foster passion for economics among the students to encourage them to be - The Loudest Roar within and beyond their classrooms. We at Ecopedia aim at bringing together students of all academic interests to share knowledge, engage in discussions, participate in competitions, stimulate interest in economics beyond the classrooms, and create platforms for students to interpret interesting economic issues.

Ecopedia creates a knowledge-sharing culture at Amity school of Economics believing in the idea that sharing knowledge is one of the best ways to learn. Ecopedia serves as a platform for all students to discuss the current economic, political, and social issues to enhance their knowledge and understanding of these issues. We work to engage a broader cross-section of the student body by coordinating more interactive events. Ecopedia events also help participants to improve their communication skills and strengthen their self-confidence thus fostering holistic development among all. We even post regular updates, quotes, and other interesting content on our Instagram page- ‘ecopedia.ase’.

Dramity (Dramatics Society)

Dramity is the dramatics society of Amity School of Economics, which focuses on all round development of its members and most of all, makes sure everyone has fun. Despite the movement constraints our creativity knows no bounds. Even during this pandemic the factor of “sitting at home” could not take away our melodramatic essence. From helping one become camera confident to make complete use of our unimpeded craziness, Dramity creates a family.

The events are designed in such a way that they help the participants uncover a new side of themselves, while at the same time inculcating in them a sense of problem-solving, leadership and organisational skills and view the world in a very different way. We organise competitions across various spectrums like monologues, mono-acting, stand-up comedies, podcasts, game-shows and also participate in similar ones.We are full of surprises and are anchored by our faculty in charge Prof. Dr. Mahua Bhattacharjee who helps us stay on track. Along with surprises, our team is also filled with a variety of overdramatic thinkers. While some of us try to stick to topics the others leave no stone unturned in incorporating fun into every team meeting we have.

Green Mortals (Environment Club)

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it. Green Mortals, the environment club of ASE, is the only club that focuses exclusively on taking measures to preserve the environment. In fact, we're more than a club. WE make a difference. Over the past few years, Green Mortals has organised and participated in several activities, which have left those involved motivated and enlightened.

When it comes to our society and environment, making a positive change is what drives GREEN MORTALS. We believe that nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something. We've organised and volunteered in several events which have had a positive impact on the environment.

Even during these pandemic Green Mortals did not stop. We organised interesting yet informative online virtual events such as an extempore, photography competition, and various other such events.

In the last few years, we have collaborated with renowned organisations as well.

We're here to make a change and would love to do it with all the people around us, to make earth a better place to be in.

Drachma (Finance Club)

Drachma is a student-led finance club of Amity School of Economics, founded in July 2020. Drachma intends to facilitate information sharing on all financial aspects and the economy at Amity School of Economics and at the university level, leading towards holistic development of the student community.

The club aims to inculcate financial instincts in college students through events, workshops, seminars and continuous industry engagements, to bridge the gap between textbook knowledge and reality. We aim at skill development in the

field of finance to allow individuals to achieve financial competency in the long term.

Drachma also publishes a quarterly newsletter called "Drachma Bulletin," which incorporates articles on various financial aspects.

It provides a platform for every individual with a financial viewpoint to express themselves. In the community, we promote financial literacy. Every day, the Drachma team expands their horizons through learning and unlearning. We're hoping that our investments yield great dividends.