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  • Paper Submission Deadline :
    11th December 2022
  • Acceptance Notification
    20th December 2022
  • Camera Ready Paper Submission Deadline :
    30th December 2022
  • Last Date of Registration :
    31th December 2022

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Welcome to Confluence-2023:13th International Conference on Cloud Computing, Data Science & Engineering
The pace of change has become blisteringly fast. There is technology in everything and everywhere. Every now and then a new technology pops up in the market. Computer Science and Information Technology have a profound influence on all branches of science, engineering, management as well. This event is dedicated to technical symposia, tutorial and workshop sessions. Technical symposia include oral or poster presentation of research papers grouped into parallel tracks. Workshops, tutorials, Keynote talks from experts, panel discussions are also included in the program schedule of the conference.
THEME : Confluence-2023 - Cloud Computing, Data Science & Engineering

All accepted & presented papers of the Conference by duly registered authors, will be submitted to IEEE Xplore Digital Library for Publication.



The idea of the conference is to bring the scholars, scientists, industrialists from all over the world in the IT industry to a common platform and achieve the following:

  • To present the ongoing researches in the field and hence to foster research relations between the Universities and the industry.
  • Give participants a review of the latest and upcoming trends in the next few years.
  • Exposing the audience to the need for more development and research in the field and with it the growing need for IT security.
  • Provide an opportunity to the delegates to share their new ideas and the application experiences face to face.


Conference Keynote & Distinguished Speakers / Guests

Prof. (Dr.) Bernhard Pfahringer

Professor ,Waikato University, New Zealand

Prof. (Dr.) Sartaj Sahni

Professor, University of Florida , USA

Prof. (Dr.) Keshav Dahal

Professor, University of West of Scotland, UK

Prof. (Dr.) Arun Somani

Professor, IOWA State University , USA

 Prof.(Dr.) Bhuvanesh Unhelkar

Professor, University of South Florida , USA

 Prof. (Dr.) Jean Paul

Professor, University of Pretoria, South Africa

Prof.(Dr.) Bhiksha Ramakrishnan

Professor,Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Prof. (Dr.) Shiaofen Fang

Professor, Purdue University , USA

Prof. (Dr.) Jansuz A. Kozinski

Professor, Lakehead University , Canada

Prof. (Dr.) Vijanth Sagayan Asirvadam

Professor, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia

Prof.(Dr.) Shiwen Mao

Auburn University, Auburn, USA

Prof.(Dr.)Alfredo Cuzzocrea

Professor, University of Calabria, Italy

Prof.(Dr.)David Patterson

University of California, USA

Prof.(Dr.) Vincenzo Piuri

Professor , University of Milan, Italy

Prof. (Dr.) Mohd Helmy Abd Wahib

Professor, University Tun Hussein Onn, Malaysia

 Prof. (Dr.) Syed Akhter Hossain 

Professor,Canadian University of Bangladesh

Prof. (Dr.) TAY Yong Chiang

Professor, National University of Singapore, Singapore

 Prof. (Dr.) Anand Nayyar

Professor, Duy Tan University, Veitnam, Veitnam

 Prof. (Dr.) Vijayan Sugumaran

Oakland University, Rochester

 Prof. (Dr.) Masoud Mohammadian 

Professor, Canberra University , Australia

 Prof.(Dr.) Ankit Agrawal

Professor , Northwestern University , USA

 Prof.(Dr.) Alamgir Hussain

Professor, Cambodia University of Technology & Science

Prof. (Dr.) Muhammad Rukunuddin Ghalib

Professor,De Monfort University, Dubai

Prof.(Dr.)Abhinav Valada

Professor, University of Freiburg , Germany

Prof.(Dr.)Abbas Khosravi

Deakin University, Australia

Prof.(Dr.)Mark Nixon

Professor, Southampton University ,UK

Prof.(Dr.) Bladford Ann

Professor,University College London, UK

Prof.(Dr.) Chanchal Roy

University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Prof.(Dr.) Domenico Talia

Professor, University of Calabria, Italy

Prof.(Dr.)Juan Manuel Corchado

Professor, University of Salamanca, Spain

Prof.(Dr.)Pawan Lingras

Saint Mary University, Canada

Prof.(Dr.) Jan Mendling

Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany

Prof.(Dr.) Adrian David Cheok

i-University, Japan

Prof.(Dr.) Ning Zhong

Maebashi Institute of Technology, Japan

Prof.(Dr.) Nathan Klarke

University of Plymouth, UK

Prof.(Dr.) Shlomi Dolev

Professor,Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

Prof.(Dr.) Tae Seong

Professor, Kyung Hee University, Korea ,Korea

Prof.(Dr.) Gautam Srivastva

Professor,BU Brandon University, Canada

Prof.(Dr.) Giancarlo Fortino

Professor, University of Calabria, Italy

Prof.(Dr.) Tiziana Margaria

Professor, University of Limerick, Ireland

Prof.(Dr.) Yu- Dong Zhang

Professor, University of Leicester,UK

Prof.(Dr.) Katerina Bourazeri

University of Essex, UK

Prof.(Dr.) Sabita Maharjan

Professor,University of Oslo, Norway

Prof.(Dr.) Hisao Ishibuchi

Professor, Osaka University , Japan.

Dr Anastasios Oulis Rousis

Professor, Imperial College , London

Mr. Colin Mendes

Professor,Voltas Beko , India

Mr. Ashish Kumar Adhikari

Microsoft, India

Prof.(Dr.) Manolis Kellis

Professor,MIT, USA

Prof.(Dr.) Sergio Marquez Sanchez

Universidad de Salamanca , Spain

Mr. Anuj Kapur

Iron Mountain , India

Prof.(Dr.) Virendra C Bhavsar

University of New Brunswick,Canada

Prof.(Dr.) Olga Kanishcheva

Friedrich Schiller University ,Jena

Prof.(Dr.) Ahmed Elngar

Beni-Suef University,Egypt

Prof.(Dr.) Alvaro Rocha

University of Lisbon ,Portugal

Prof.(Dr.) Ravishankar Sharma

Zayed University ,UAE

Prof.(Dr.) Glenford Mapp

Middlesex University ,London

Prof.(Dr.) Biplob Ray

CQ University ,Australia

Prof.(Dr.) Simeon Simoff

Western Sydney University ,Australia

Prof.(Dr.) M Tahir Mushtaq

Cardiff Metropolitan University ,London

Prof.(Dr.) Giancarlo Guizzardi

University of Twente ,Netherlands

Prof.(Dr.) B. S. Bindumadhava

Centre Development of Advanced Computing, India

Prof.(Dr.) Narayan C. Debnath

Eastern International University, Vietnam

Prof.(Dr.) Maia Angelova Turkedjieva

Deakin University,Australia

Prof.(Dr.) Vassil Vassilev

Professor,London Metropolitian University, London

Prof.(Dr.) Yang Xiang

Professor, Swinburne University of Technology , Australia

(Dr).Jeyaprakash Chelladurai

Assistant Professor, East Stroudsburg University , USA

Prof.(Dr.) Rolf Dreschler

Professor, University of Bermen , Germany

Prof.(Dr.) Ernesto Damiani

Khalifa University , Abu Dhabi

Prof.(Dr.) Jon Dron

Athabasca University , Canada

Prof.(Dr.) Mario Jose Divan

IOTG-Intel, Canada, USA

Prof.(Dr.) Leila Fayez Ismail

UAE University ,UAE

Prof.(Dr.) Munir Majdalawieh

Zayed University , UAE

Ms. Kumud Bajaj

Senior ASIC/FPGA verification Engineer Boeing, Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Prof. (Dr.) Lajos Hanzo

University of Southampton, UK

Prof. (Dr.) Torgeir Dingsøyr

Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Prof. (Dr.)  Basanta Joshi 

Tribhuvan University, Nepal

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