Bachelor of Arts (Game Design & Development)BAGDD

Duration: 6 semesters (3 years)

Bachelor of Arts (Game Design & Development) program offers a comprehensive and immersive learning experience that prepares aspiring game designers and developers to succeed in the enthralling and rapidly growing field of interactive entertainment.

With a focus on both the artistry and technical aspects of game design and creation, the program equips students with the skills and knowledge to design intriguing gameplay experiences, craft visually stunning worlds, and develop innovative UI / UX that engage players.

Through hands-on projects, industry partnerships, and exposure to cutting-edge technologies, ASFD fosters a collaborative and forward-thinking environment where students can bring their game concepts to life. Students can choose to specialise in game design or game development. However, for game development clearing of Standard Mathematics course at +2 level is required.

After completion of the 3 year BA programme students can choose to continue to earn Bachelors of Arts (Honours / Research) Degree through fourth year comprising of Curricular Exercises, Live Projects and Internship.

Eligibility Criteria:

Fee Structure: (Rs. in Lacs) 1.150 /- per semester (Non Sponsored)
(Rs. in Lacs) 1.725 /- per semester (Sponsored)
(Excluding refundable security deposit)

Bachelor of Arts (Game Design & Development)

Maximum Practical Knowledge

The programme focusses on practical learning to give students an edge in the real world. Theoretical knowledge is built upon by equipping students with skills and expertise to become successful actors.

In-depth Learning of all Aspects

All the major and minor aspects of acting are taught by professionals, from the technical aspects to the fine nuances of acting, voice modulation and more.

Hands-on Experiential Learning

To recreate real-life scenarios, the assessment of students is done like actual auditions. This enables them to excel in real-life industry situations.

Industry Driven

Students learn from faculty with extensive industry experience as well as through interactions and workshops with renowned industry personalities.