Bachelor of Visual Arts in Film and Television Production / Screen Arts* BVA (Film and Television Production / Screen Arts)

Formerly known as B. A. (Film & Television Production)

Duration: 8 semesters (4 years)

This Program aims to create all round Professionals for the Indian Media and Entertainment Industry – an Industry that is exploding, growing at 3.5 times India’s GDP. All students are trained in various areas of Filmmaking such as Producing, Direction, Cinematography, VFX, Editing and Sound Design.

There is a strong focus on Scriptwriting and individual mentoring ensuring each student discovers their own unique voice. The Program is primarily hands-on and aims to train students in the latest technology and filmmaking paradigms, it also imbues in students the Context to their Practice with inputs in Cinema and Theater History, Culture Studies, Indian Arts and related theoretical Courses. The Program is rounded out by Live Projects where students work with Professionals and get ready for the real world.

Bachelor of Visual Arts in Screen Arts

Master Production

There is a strong emphasis on all aspects of production as well as direction so that students gain a holistic understanding of film making.

Complete Ecosystem Knowledge

The learning starts from the grassroots and reaches the highest levels of sophistication and finesse. This gives students the ability to take control of every aspect of production and film making.

Real-World Skills

Along with all technical and theoretical aspects of production, students also learn essential real-world skills like budgeting and scheduling.

Learn From Industry Professionals

Students learn from faculty who are industry veterans, as well as through interactions and workshops with renowned industry professionals.