offered programs B.A(Hons.) & M.A


offered programs B.A(Hons.)


offered programs B.A(Hons.)

Business Communication & Behavioral Science

Amity School of Foreign Languages offers Business Communication and Behavioral Science as compulsory courses for all the programs as we understand and emphasize on the relevance of the essential soft skills required for overall personality development.

These additional courses help imbibe blend of acceptability and adjustment to the corporate world for our students

Foreign Business Language

ASFL understands and believes in going hand-in-hand with global corporate world of today and therefore emphasizes on the importance of knowledge of Foreign Business Languages. It, thus offers Foreign Business Language courses in all semesters. Every student is required to opt for one such language compulsorily. Apart from giving weightage in the evaluation system, a separate certificate of having elementary/working knowledge of language is also issued to successful candidates.

The syllabus of each language meets the international parameters and ensures
its business applications so that the student can effectively converse and correspond in that language.

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