Research Papers

  • Research Paper: Felicity of Expression: a key to success in personal and organisational life International Journal published by Shiva institute of management Studies IGRC Page no. 29-43 Vol. 2 No.2, December 2016

  • Article: Communication Style- people and perspectives’ Divide in Institutional Magazine COMMUNIS of BIMTECH Page No. 30, Nov 2012

  • Research Paper: Indian Mindset offers probable global solution to the new age management International Journal published by Publishing India Group Page No. 1-9 Vol. 2 Issue 1, April 2014

  • Book: Es klappt Vol. 1 published by FK Publications Pvt. Ltd., 2014

  • Research Paper: Verbal & Non Verbal Communication: A Managerial Mandate In Conflict Resolution And Communicating Employee Responsibility And Right ; E-publication International OPPAPERS.COM; 2012

  • Research Paper: Managerial Objectives of Competence Development of Head of the Institution; E-publication: International High Beam International Journal of Research and Publication; 2012

  • Article: Communication Across Cultural Divide in Institutional Magazine COMMUNIS of BIMTECH; Nov 2012