Technologies available for Transfer and Commercialization

S.No. Title
1 A sensor for detecting air leakage in packed items and storage plants
2 Hydrogen peroxide vapour sensor using metal-phthalocyanine functionalized carbon nanotubes.
3 Sensor for detecting nitrogen dioxide gas.
4 Composite polymer film based resistive humidity sensor
5 Multiwalled carbon nanotube/cement composites based sensors for smoke detection
6 A low cost, disposable, room temperature colorimetric sensor array for quantitative detection of ammonia gas
7 Novel smart colorimetric sensor for toxic gases / volatile organic compounds using solar cell
8 A low cost, disposable, ambient temperature colorimetric sensor array for detection and identification of eight toxic gases
9 A Novel room temperature low cost, alarm based LPG sensor
10 A system and method for controlling the temperature of air conditioner
11 A novel approach for LPG and CO (carbon-monoxide) detection at room temperature
12 Very sensitive humidity sensor based on conducting polymer nano-composite
13 Metalloporphyrins-functionalized CNT composite as chemiresistive sensor for detection of Nitrobenzene and Chlorobenzene vapors
14 An improved measuring conical flask with a sensor
15 Automatic stalgmometer with a sensor
16 A novel hand held micro-electrode sensor for detecting fuel adulteration based on micro-fluidic platform
17 Low cost modified texturized silicon based gas sensors for room temperature sensing application
18 Ultrasensitive, robust, flexible, ammonia gas sensor for refrigeration plants
19 Capturing and spatial movement of human mind thoughts through wireless sensor network
20 MnO2 Nanofibers - based bisphenol a electrochemical sensor
21 Molecularly imprinted polymer based impedimetric detection of neurotransmitter acetylcholine on screen printed electrode
22 Smart wireless fast charging station for electric vehicles
23 A system and method for detection of wallet using IoT Sensor
24 Functional composite materials developed from fly ash and red mud as electrochemical sensors for water pollutants
25 Inorganic-organic hybrid halide perovskite thin film based ammonia sensor
26 Tin oxide (SnO2) decorated silicon nanowires on silicon chip based ultraviolet sensors and method of fabricating the same
S.No. Title
1 A nanomaterial based culture medium for microbial growth enhancement 
2 A novel antipsoriatic, antiarthritic, antiinflammatory and analgesic drug
3 Process for the synthesis of E 3- halo -2-styryl/vinyl chromones as therapeutic agents.
4 Process for the synthesis of E 3- halo -2-styryl/vinyl chromones as therapeutic agents.
5 A process for the preparation of 3-substituted-2-9phenyl ethyl chromones
6 Biopesticide formulaiton comprising of fungal bioagents botanical and against peat powder and acacia gum for the control of plant pathogens and the mothod for the preparation
7 Process for preparation of Iron (III) porphyrin catalyst immobilized on Dowex resin and its application thereof in biomimetic oxidation
8 Electrical biosensor for early detection of graft compatibility in plants
9 Method of Agrobacterium mediated transformation and regeneration of Psoralea carylifolia
10 Regiospecific oxiation of carbon-metal bonds of organometallic compounds using chiral iron(III)-salen complexes as catalyst
11 Process for the development of amperometric biosensor for bile acid estimation
12 A modified medium for co-cultivation of sebacinales fungi with plants of lamiaceae family
13 A flourescent core shell organically modified silica (ORMOSIL) nanoparticles based detection probe and kit for Cryptococcus neoformans
14 Process for imparting or enhancing electrical conductivity of polymer matrix with semiconductor nanoparticles
15 Detection of TNT using fluorescent conjugate polymer
16 Preparation of curcumin nanoparticles and evaluation of their bio-efficacy.
17 Development of a plant biomass based metal sorption column with modified silica gel and the application thereof 
18 Easy distinction of Bacillus cereus group amongst the industially important Bacillus strains
19 Nano particle coated fly ash as reflective agents
20 Polygalactomannans and modified polygalactomannans from fenugreek and their uses thereof 
21 Process for the synthesis of AA-dUTP-Cy3/Cy5- a novel fluorescent labeling agent. 
22 A method for preparation of andrographolide from Andrographis peniculata
23 A process for isolation and purification of curcuminoids  from Curcuma longa.
24 Antimicrobial activity of ethanolic extract of Solanum xanthocarpum to  inhibit the growth of the pathogen, Vibrio cholerae
25 Apparatus to measure degradation of xenobiotics through volatization and mineralization
26 Two new amides with cytotoxic activity from the fruits of Piper longum
27 Synthesis of Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) leaf extract mediated Ag nanoparticles and their mechanism of formation
28 Antimicrobial effect and mechanism of Ag nanoparticles prepared from Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) leaf extract
29 Therapeutic antifungal agents from dietary spices and process for preparation thereof
30 Time dependent adaptation of channa punctatus chromatophore against metal toxicity
31 Nano-cement based composite coated concrete pebbles for surface water treatment
32 A method for repelling ants from purifier and a purifier made therefor
33 Novel composition of biopolymers to combat diarrhea and a process for the preparation thereof
34 Piriformospora indica obviates extreme temperature stresses
35 Biological stabilization and mineralization of organic kitchen waste
36 Cancer chemoprevention nutraceutical(s) and process for the preparation thereof
37 Development of prebiotic 
38 Glycoside extraction from Pineapple peel
39 Novel effect of spices on demelanization of pathogenic fungus
40 Biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles by Cinnamomum tamala twigs
41 A bioactive datura extract inhibit the growth of helicobacter pyrolli
42 A bioactive datura extract inhibit the growth of helicobacter pyrolli
43 Biopesticidal property of a novel bioactive compound isolated from the roots of Tagetus minuta against Parthenium hysterophorus L.
44 Method for detection of airborne Aspergillus allergen levels
45 Novel formulation of Quercitin
46 An efficient method of fungal elicitation of callus cultures of lepidium sativum for enhanced production of lepidine
47 Unique solvent  stabalization 
48 Method for the synthesis of silver nanoparticles from Asoka bark tree
49 Profound effect of Curcumin along with Vitamin-C on malathion induced toxicity reduction
50 An insecticidal extracts/composition derived from Rauvolfia tetraphylla and its method of preparation thereof
51 Reduced graphene oxide (RGO) - Metal oxide based Visible light active photocatalyst for pollutant abatement and a process thereof
52 Isoxazoyl styrylchromones as selective estrogen receptor modulators
53 A method for the synthesis of 3-aminoalkyl-2-styryl chromone derivatives for anticancer and antioxidant activity
54 Biphenyl-2,6-diethanone analogs and their derivatives as antifungal agents
55 Soy protein grafted N-Vinyl Caprolactam thermoresponsive hydrogels for drug delivery applications
56 PH dependent release of anti-cancer silver nanoparticles prepared by encapsulation of silver nitrate in goat’s milk protein
57 Zinc Oxide Nanorods for Fungus Productivity and Broccoli (Brassica oleraceae var. botrytis) Development
58 Nanodiamonds loaded in situ gels for sustained inner ear drug delivery
59 A system for air quality measurement for allergic patients
60 Self - powered electro-chromic devices based on green electrolyte
61 Thermostable superoxide dismutase enzyme purified from black cardamum (A. Subulatum) for cytotoxic effect on HEP G-2; human liver cancer cells
62 Iron fortification in maize plant and seeds via newly isolated siderophore producing Pseudomonas strain
63 Formulation of resveratrol and humic acid from shilajit for cardio protection
64 Impedimetric sensing method utilizing enzyme bound nanohybrid film for highly sensitive monitoring of antibiotics in forensic samples
65 A compact MIMO antenna for UWB Applications
66 Nutritional composition and sensory evaluation of noodles developed from Ipomoea Batatas, Oryza sativa and Cicer Arietinum flour
67 A smart transparent environmentally stable graphene based electrode
68 Preparation and characterization of nanocurcumin encapsulated virosome for cancer treatment
69 A method for controlling root knot nematodes (Meloidogyne javanica) with silica nanoparticles
70 In vitro production of quality plants of Olea europeae L. cv. Barnea 
71 Filomicelles of combination drugs for the treatment of brain diabetes
72 A combination therapy for the treatment of type III diabetes
73 T. Terrestris in vitro cell culture or renal epithelial cells
74 Silica nanoparticle as growth promoter of bioagents under in vitro studies
75 Automated wireless sensor's energy saving system
76 Method for preparation of highly fluorescent. Biocompatible sulphur doped graphene guantum dots from affordable agro-industrial bio-waste cane molasses using hydrothermal synthesis for bioimaging application
77 Diva technology for paratuberculosis vaccine
78 Fungicidal effect of  isoeugenol in azole resistant
79 A thermally stable Superoxide dismutase enzyme isolated from Black cardomum (A. subulatum) exhibiting cytotoxicity against human breast cancer cells (MCF-7)
80 Methods of extraction and fractionation of bio-active components of morinda coreia for anti-tubercular and anticancer activites
81 Targeted delivery through novel brain receptors for combination type 3 diabetes
82 A novel benzylamine analogue of sorafenib as angiogenic inhibitor
83 Directed and personalized vaccination for rotavirus
84 Cytotoxic Effect of Novel Thermostable Protease Purified from Ginger (Zingiber officinale var. Rejatha) on MCF-7; Human Breast Cancer Cell line
85 Electrochemical biosensor towards point of care of hepatocellular carcinoma prognosis
86 An imporoved ternary composites for orthotic applications 
87 A novel composition for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma
88 A method of preparing phytosomal nanoemulsion for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus
89 An autoreplacement system for drinking water cane
90 Ultrasensitive Biosensor for Detection of Bacillus
91 A Modified sesnsor for ultra low detection of arsenic in contaminated water 
92 Formulation of ultra deformable vesicles for atopic dermatitis
93 A HB2GDETAV machine integrated health monitoring system
94 Anticancer, antimicrobial and antituberculosis activity of dibutyl(hexadecanoyloxy)stannyl hexadecanoate
95 A method for preparing apple sugar
96 A Molecularly imprinted Polymer (MIP) based GABA detection platform for behavior, cognition, and the body's response to stress
97 FTO/AuNPs- based nanosensor for Chlorpyrifos detection in fruits and vegetables
98 An emergency trigger bracelet for alcohol and drug induced people
99 A system and method for enhancing performance of immunosensor by ion beam processing of zinc oxide nanostructure 
100 Linocin M-18 immobilized on food grade packaging film and its method thereof  
101 Ultrasensitive novel electrode for rapid detection of pesticides in vegetable extract
102 A novel botanical formulation for colon cancer
103 A method for production and purification of BLIS from Acinetobacter movanaghrensis AS isolated from Goat rectum
104 A system to notify human body water requirement
105 Cobalt substituted M-type barium ferrite synthesized via Co-precipitation Method for Radar Absorbing Material in Ku-band (12–18 GHz)
106 N-doped Carbon Nano Sheet based hydrogel composite for wound healing
107 Synthesis of nanoparticles of cobalt and nickel ferrite showing antifungal effect against phytopathogenic fungi
108 Synthesis of graphene nanoparticles using Gram flour as bio-surfactant and stabilizing agent 
109 An immunosensor for ultra-low detection of total pesticide concentration in vegetable extract
110 Nutrition calculator and health condition based nutrient mapping for cooked food
111 Method for synthesis of nanoparticles using biodiesel
112 A process to develop type 2 diabetes mellitus in wistar albino rat mimicked to human pathology
113 Robust electrochemical assay for antibiotic susceptibility testing of pathogenic bacteria 
114 Molecular interactions of hepatocarcinogenesis specific proteins in transgenic and chemically induced animal model
115 Biocompatible and biopolymer based herbal coating for enhancemnt of shelf life of perishable fruits
116 Novel therapeutic bilayer nail lacquer for the treatment of nail diseases and disirders
117 Topical antibacterial  formulation comprising dinoxin B withanolide
118 A system and method for non destructive detection of chlorophyll 
119 Nanoparticles integrated with lactose on FTO act as sensing interface for FEMTO-molar detection of Ricin
120 One pot green synthesis of ulvan reduced andrographolides loaded silver nanoparticles 
121 A method to develop a chronic model of Parkinson’s disease in Zebrafish imitating Human path-physiology
122 Point of care diagnostic chip for kidney disorder detection using non invasive samples
123 Graphene quantum dots based hydrogel nanocomposites for site specific drug release
124 Organophosphate pesticide detection by molecularly imprinted polymer/MOS2 based biosensor
125 A method of preparation of colocasia esculenta leaves aqueous extract 
126 Regeneration of genetically uniform Olea europaea L. cv. Barnea
127 Regeneration of genetically uniform Olea europaea L. cv. Barnea
128 A novel method to detect Z- DNA form
129 Targeted drug delivery system using ferrite nanoparticles
130 Genetically engineered E. coli expressing xylanase enzyme
131 DNA immortalization in a ready to use form
132 A thermostable peroxidase from Bael [Aegle marmelos (Linn.) Correa] and a method of isolation thereof
133 Quercetin isolated from Datura metel has anti - helicobacter pyloric activity
134 Sensitive and specific immunosensor for the Vibrio cholera detection
135 A system and method for label free detection of DNA hybridization
136 Formulation and evaluation of transdermal drug delivery systems for sildenafil citrate 
137 Formulation of ph sensitive drug delivery system
138 In-vitro antibacterial activity of Jatropha curcas grown on fly ash amended soil 
139 Antibacterial property of green seaweed chaetomorpha sp against Helicobacter pyroli
140 Novel medium for enhanced in vitro shoot proliferation of Stereospermum suaveolens
141 A novel oral formulation for cancer therapy, loaded in a slow release matrix for targeted delivery
142 A novel organotin sorbate complex with enhanced antimicrobial and anti-tumor activity
143 Benzalkonium chloride coated copper nanoparticles aided condom lubricant
144 A novel method for dissolving proteins which are not readily soluble in aqueous buffer
145 Hydrogels for transdermal drug delivery and a method to manufacture the same
146 Efficient protein folding process to improve the functional yield of recombinant zDHFR protein
147 A novel bio-control agent for controlling fungal phytopathogens and method of preparing the same
148 An improved method of mutagenesis for enhancing bacterial ACC-deaminase activity and process thereof
149 A solvent tolerant bacterial lipase and its application thereof in food industry
150 Formulation development and evaluation of berberine chloride dihydrate loaded Ethosomal gel for dermatological disorders through transdermal application
151 A Method for Development and  of  Porphyran/ Chitoson biofilm
152 Synthesis and biological activity of {5-[(3aR,4R,6aS)-2-oxo-hexahydro-1H-thieno[3,4-d]imidazol-4-yl]pentanoyl}oxy)dibutylstannyl 5-[(3aS,4S,6aR)-2-oxo-hexahydro-1H-thieno[3,4-d]imidazol-4-yl]pentanoate
153 Method for production of biosurfactant by Bacillus thuringiensis grown on mustard seed meal
154 Bioelectricity, waste remediation and increased Nitrogenase activity in plants by expression of nifF, nifJ gene in Geobacter metallireducens
155 MEF2A gene expression in coronary artery disease patients
156 Synthesis of 5',5'-dibutyl-3',3'-dimethylspiro[benzo[c][1,2]oxathiole-3,2'-4,6-dioxa-5-stanna-1,3(1,4)-dibenzenacyclohexaphane] 1,1-dioxide for therapeutic applications
157 A novel low cost medium based on rotten tomato
158 A medium for enhancing shelf life of cut flowers
159 Paper strip for quick bacterial detection in water
160 A system and method of endophytic activity of Talaromycespupureogenus HNB9
161 A system and method for dosimetric application of microwaves to small insects
162 A System and Method for defect detection in pome fruits
163 A dual impedimetric immuno-sensing for Helicobacter pylori detection
164 An electrochemical label free immunosensor for rapid detection of H. Pylori and its method
165 Silver doped Copper nano-gel for rapid wound healing in diabetic patients
166 One-pot Bio-directed synthesis of stable ZnO Nanospheres using lemon and honey
S.No. Title
1 Development of novel nanocomposites as chemical sensors using functionalized graphite nanoparticles and grafted polymers through chemical ligation
2 Graphene based chemical sensor for the detection of toxic heavy metal complexes in drinking water
3 A comparative study of antioxidants in alcohol and aqueous extracts of curry leaf (Murraya koenigii) in PC-12 cells exposed to neurotoxic shock
4 Development of low cost convenient and electroactive Polyaniline-ceramic chalcogenide composites
5 Novel polysaccharide ethers
6 Degradation of Ethidium bromide using bacterial strain
7 Thickening agents for food, textile and paint industry
8 A novel method for production of biodiesel from waste oil
9 Novel carbohydrate for water soluble paints
10 Improved cling packaging films for food industry
11 Photochemical method for degradation of persistence pesticide
12 Low cost and eco-friendly production of an electro-active hybrid polyaniline and binary metal dichalcogenide composite
13 A biodegadable bioplastic formulation and a method for preparing the same
14 Nanocellulose and silver nano embedded pebbles based composite 
15 A novel pressure filtration unit and method of preparation thereof
16 Microwave mediated synthesis of an oxidizing agent for dye degradation
17 A novel zeolitic extender pigment from industrial waste for anticorrosive paints
18 A novel heterocyclic angiotensin II receptor antagonistic compound and method of preparation thereof
19 Improved additive  compostion for paper industry
20 Dye decolourization method using algal species chlorella pyrenoidosa
21 A portable, low cost microfluidic system for clean synthesis of nanoparticles
22 A novel scalable bottom-up method for cost effective and high yield synthesis of doped carbon nano-sheets
23 Amorphous alumino silicates derived from fly ash as functional pigment for cool coatings
24 Novel process for synthesis of composite core shell structures for simultaneous removal of inorganic and organic pollutants
25 Injection mouldable bio-plastic
26 A rapid detection and photocatalytic degradation of amoxicillin using titania thin film
27 A novel method of fabricating superhydrophobic surfaces using environmentally safe materials
28 Novel composites prepared using coagulum (diterpene carboxymethyl ester) with jute fiber
29 Novel composites composition prepared from coagulum extracted from plant source Scoparia dulcis
30 Novel composite prepared using derivatized diterpene from Clerodendrum kaichianum and PVC polymer
31 Novel composites composition prepared from coagulum extracted from plant source Platycladus orientalis
32 Novel growth medium comprising expired caffeinated or decaffeinated carbonated beverages for the production of Polyhydroxyalkanoetes 
33 An efficient and economical green process for primary treatment of effluent as well as sludge of textile & dyeing industry
34 Novel low cost Zinc oxide nanocomposite for enhancing shelf life of cut flowers
35 Nanoheterostructure composite for sensing metformin
36 Methylotenera mobilis clone for mercury degradation
37 Process for bandgap restructuring of titania using combination of surfactants and metal ions 
38 A novel method to reduce nitrogen oxides, carbon-di-oxide gas & particulate matter from diesel engine exhaust 
39 One-pot procedure for providing Sulfonyl fluorides as amide/peptide coupling reagents 
40 A novel method to reduce exhaust emission of diesel engine using carbon black, 3-way catalytic converter & an alkali solution
41 Biodegradable plastics
42 Fuller’s earth clay based semiochemical formulation
43 Carbohydrate based biodegradable and hydrobiodegradable plastics
44 A method for preparation of rechargeable battery from waste material
45 Sustainable, low-cost and efficient adsorbents for water purification and a process thereof
46 A system and method for naked eye quantitative colorimetric assay for date rape drug sensing
47 A System and Method for Large Area Deposition of Exfoliated Black Phosphorus in Solution Phase
48 Novel paint composition 
49 E-glass-epoxy material yoke harness 
50 Enhanced photocatalytic applications of novel green composites of semiconductor Bismuth oxyhalides (BiOXs)
51 Synthesis of novel complex stannane derived from benzene-1,3-diol
52 Concrete cracks restoration using novel bacterial strain
53 Natural multipurpose dye
54 A system and method for production of quick cooking rice flour
55 A system and method for generating electricity from chopped wood
56 Ecofriendly and facile synthesis of carbon and nitrogen Co-doped Zinc oxide Foams (CNZNO nanofoams) 
57 Anticorrosion activity of mild steel from microalgal strains
S.No. Title
1 Plant biomass nanomaterial composite based electrode for the removal of industrial dyes from waste water
2 A portable system and method for the production of blue green algae.
3 Tapioca starch and soya dust based co-formulation for growth enhancement and as carrier base for biopesticides and biofertilizers
4 Method for preparation of catalyst its activity and method for treatment of Textile wastewater
5 Process for immobilization of alkaline phosphatase extracted from Azarditica indica onto polyethylenimine-treated woven bombyx mori silk fabric
6 Antibacterial activity of Babchi oil (Psoralea corylifolia) against multidrug resistant bacteria
7 Process for immobilization of alkaline phosphatase extracted from Azadirachta indica  Bovine Serum Albumin Microspheres
8 Microwave mediated impregnation of silver nanoparticle on cotton, silk and wool fabric for hygienic clothing
9 A novel broad spectrum biocide for controlling diseases of crops
10 Carotenoids enriched functional food derived from agri-horticultral waste
11 Phytocontrol of Root Knot Nematode (Meloidogyne Spp 
12 Novel and new nutrient for cultivation of Piriformospora indica
13 A method for enhancing seed germination percentage in plants   
14 Synthesis of natural saponin through co-cultivation of microorganisms
15 Plant growth promoting root endophyte.
16 Artificial soil composition for degrading industrial effluents to achieve clean environment and high crop yield
17 Process development for not less than 40% L-Dopa from Mucuna purnines seeds
18 Plant growth promoting formulation of Piriformospora indica and Azotobacter chrococcum with talcum powder
19 An improved method for controlling plant pathogen using Piriformospora indica as a biocontrol agent
20 A method and formulation comprising Pseudomonas simiae (MTCC-12057) for promoting plant growth under salt stress
21 A novel low cost medium based on mixture of textile and paper waste
22 A method for producing methanolic and ethyl acetate extracts of Microalgae Chlorella Pyrenoidosa
23 Diagnostic kit for kidney disorder using multiwalled carbon nanotubes
24 Green synthesis of graphene oxide (GO) nanosheets using Chlorella pyrenoidosa (Algae)
25 Synthesis of Linoleic Acid from microalgae using magnetic core-shell nanoparticle
26 Glycerol as enhancer for LC PUFA synthesis in euglena sp.
27 Citrobacter freundii LCJ4 – 002 for the decolourization of textile dye Swiss Pink
28 A method for separation of the dyes used in the printing of flex by using  bio-absorbent
29 Novel method for biosynthesis of green algae mediated titanium oxide (TiO2) nanoparticles with high yield
30 A system and method of transpriration harvesting
31 Climate change mitigation by converting methane escaping from horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetland by bio-covers
32 Preparation and Characterization of nano-statins from mushroom
33 Self -sustained system to generate electricity and clean industrial waste water simultaneously without external source
34 Polyaniline coated activated carbon composite system for dye and heavy metal removal from waste water
35 Novel and cheap growth medium for Piriformospora indica (Serendipita indica) using waste from edible mushroom (Wealth from waste)
36 Waste water treatment with sugarcane bagasse bagasse based Carbon material and Titania nanoparticle mixture
37 Rechargeable solid state battery based on cement nanocomposite
S.No. Title
1 An improved method for manufacturing of Bacopa monnieri extract of not less than 20% bacosides.
2 A portable harvesting tool for thorny species.
3 Low power high-speed CMOS circuts
4 Improved design of rake transreceiver for the 3G CDMA wireless communication system
5 A novel transducer matrice for amperometric cholesterol biosensor
6 Process of synthesis of a novel transducer matrix and its application thereof in biosensors
7 A process for the synthesis of semiconducting metal oxide nanoparticles of controlled size distribution
8 A highly functional semiconductor integrated circuit device
9 An artificial neural network tool for software size estimation
10 Voltage dependent light filter and method of synthesis thereof
11 A technique and device for multiphase encryption
12 A portable device for thoracic fluid measurement.
13 Porphyrin functionalized carbon nanotubethin film as sensor for detection of nitrogen dioxide.
14 An improved injection mold design and injection molding machine/ A method for controlled drop and improved mold
15 Parasite picking gear 
16 Kit for demonstrating DNA-protein interaction in plants
17 Microscopic slide for fixation 
18 Anti insect nylon legs for refrigeration 
19 A   process for the development of triglyceride biosensor based on a Platinum nano particle and Polypyrrole nano composite electrode
20 A novel reusable cholesterol biosensor based on gold nanoparticles decorated graphene-nanostructured polyaniline nanocomposite
21 Low cost water testing kit
22 Kit for demonstrating protein-protein interaction in cytoplasm of plants
23 otched stacked ultra wide band dielectric resonator antenna for wireless communication applications
24 Power generation based on optically excited plasmons suspended in water using re-chargeable paper battery
25 An improved walking aid cum seating arrangement for disable person with a sensor and GPS system
26 An improved measuring cylinder with sensor
27 Multi utility machine tool
28 A novel graphite oxide based non enzymatic cholesterol sensor 
29 A method and kit for detection of fanconi anemia
30 An intelligent video camera to detect covered faces to prevent theft on ATM machines
31 Voltage dependent light filter and method of synthesis thereof
32 Amla (Phyllanthus emblica) piercing machine for making Amla murabba
33 Sorting machine for roundish shaped vegetables and fruits
34 An environment friendly device to keep insects/housefly away from desired area
35 A brick masonry construction device 
36 Robotic shoe cleaner device
37 Wheel chair cum car seat system and method for preparation thereof 
38 An improved bi-functional pen
39 LPG level indicator device for LPG cylinder
40 Portable electronics drilling coal moisture measuring device
41 Synthesis of iron based low cost binary mixed metal oxide semiconductor
42 A device for management and/or treatment of joint inflammation
43 A novel electronic lpg cylinder weighing machine
44 LPG cylinder trolley 
45 Ammonia Gas sensing device using a Thin Film of MnO2 Nano-fibers
46  Magnetic power electricity generation device 
47 Modified fluid storage tank
48 Integrated circuit for converting low voltage AC to normal DC voltages
49 Gyroscopically controlled multi-movement ducted propeller for aircraft
50 GSM based power theft controlled real time monitoring switch
51 Wearable power generator for converting vibrational energy into electrical energy
52 Android-based handheld device for Speed Control of DC Motor via Bluetooth
53 Alarm-cum-shutoff device for LPG cylinder leakage
54 A non-invasive device for diagnosis, prevention, treatment and follow-up of incontinence
55 Head massage device having finger like structures filled with magnetic fluid
56 Socks hanger with movable sockets
57 A novel hand-held Chemical free, Milk Adulteration test kit based on Micro fluidic sensor platform
58 Infrared (IR) remote cum sound operated fan regulator for multiple fan appliances
59 Portable baby cleaning device with talcum powder spray
60 Wheelchair having armrest cum transfer board with anti-skid mechanism
61 Helmet comprising air purification system providing pollutant free air to users
62 Driver identification system
63 Intelligent traffic monitoring system (ITMS)
64 Brick work equi thickness layering device
65 Automated precast gel preparation and vending device
66 Smart water bottle with hydration management system
67 Effective Thermal Cooling Layer for Solar Cells/Panels
68 Ultrafast solar rechargeable hand glove comprising nanoparticle-enhanced eutectic gel based PCM
69 A portable head load transmitter device with automatic stress and strain detection system
70 Diagnostic kit for kidney disorder using multiwalled carbon nanotubes
71 Novel multi-patch fractal antenna
72 Electrostatic smoke precipitator 
73 Flexible device for planter fasciitis  
74 An Improved screw jack
75 An improved wearable device for security and two way laser
76 An automatic wardrobe
77 Optical fiber based 3D haptic screen device
78 A self shoulder mobilization unit
79 Low cost, Light weight, extremely durable and mechanically strong nanostructured aluminum/soft metal for safety helmet
80 A blood detection device
81 Integrated energy harvesting device
82 Pressure modulating device for diabetic foot ulcer healing
83 Beginners tennis toss practice device
84 Parasite staining kit
85 Development of a smart biosensor for triglycerides detection in blood with extended stability
86 A gyroscope based device security system
87 Development of Molecularly Imprinted Polymer (MIP) based Microfludic device for Serotonin detection 
88 An improved wiper for car window
89 Alignment tool for leg and foot
90 A device for producing output DC voltage without commutator and power electronics devices
91 Sensor based anti biting canine device
92 Hexagonal capacitive micromachined ultrasonic device (HCMUD)
93 An improved hanger
94 Robotic window cleaner
95 Orthodontic shoe
96 Device to refill compressed air cylinder in pneumatic bicycle
97 Homebased three parameter measuring device for next generation management of diabetes
98 Vitamin B7 detection through impedimetric sensing device
99 Automated smart luggage trolley
100 TinOX based passive heating water tank
101 SOS (Sequence of strokes) kit 
102 Smart manual breaking system with override acceleration and breaking system for vehicle
103 Device for screening of diseases like Anemia and Tuberculosis on the basis of Physical Properties of blood
104 Smart handled nano device for on spot bacterial detection 
105 A Smart tap 
106 Rapid detection of morphine by dispstick kit using gold nanoparticles-single chain fragment variable
107 Method and system for IOT based Setting of display properties of the display device
108 A portable fungus scanner 
109 A system and method for general purpose firing of piezo-electric based inkjet print heads
110 A noninvasive device for MEA 
111 Helmet using PCM nanocomposite for thermal comfort
112 Portable safety device for sewer worker Portable 
113 Automated concentrated solar power mirror cleaner
114 Portable toilet cleaning spray
115 Novel hydraulic shirshasana machine
116 Exhaust reduction device
117 Abdomen and oblique twister machine
118 Use of spring and centrifugal force to increase traction of train wheel
119 Exhaust energy harness system
120 Nanosized substituted lithium ferrite for NTC (negative temperature coefficient) device applications
121 Solar powered automatic hydraulic jack system
122 Animal shock device
123 A safety scanner system for a vehicle
124 Electrochemical sensor using hybrid nano materials for cervical cancer detection
125 Solar powered charger for wireless charging 
126 Novel kit for detection of forged documents
127 All-weather smart geyser
128 An elliptically spiral form house
129 Improved IoT based vehicular pollution analyzing device
130 Rail vehicle brake system having electromagnet and solenoid
131 A portable brazier for the production of biochar for management of agri-waste
132 A system and method for induced band gap in bilayer graphene transferred boron nitride
133 Two phase rotary internal combustion engine
134 Design of horizontal bioreactor for solid state fermentation
135 An improved system for engagement and disengagement of clutch using actuator
136 Adjustable door/window rectangular frame fixture
137 A novel system and method for efficient cooling of brake disc at higher speed
138 Suspended feedback mechanism of adaptive noise canceller
139 A novel system for leakage detection of brake oil fluid in automobiles
140 An improved antitheft system and method for vehicles
141 Anti theft device implanted on exhaust system of automobiles to reduce vehicle theft 
142 A novel system and mechanism for locking steering wheel of an automobile
143 System and method for watermarking of digital media with encrypted biometric images
144 A novel system to reduce ignition delay in diesel engine by introducing electromagnetic waves generated in plasma
145 A novel method and system to improve performance of spark ignition engine
146 R.A.F.T. rizwan's and amity's foot pump technology
147 Power generation by speed breaker with the help of spring and fly wheel mechanism
148 Single point diamond turning (SPDT) tool wear analysis using dynamic image processing algorithms
149 Portable clean energy generator using rare earth magnets, ferro-fluids and compressed or expanded air
150 An improved system and method for steering controlled headlights
151 Improved gel casting apparatus for electrophoresis
152 A polypropylene flap for ironed clothes
153 A simple food storage and preservation chamber
154 Waste water recycling and rainwater harvesting automatic photosensor mesh based self-lubricating waste-measuring multilevel flush system
155 Double differential ring oscillator architecture with low power, low noise and high stability factor for high speed serial link in RF range
156 Economical eco-friendly wax cube based auto eject biodegradable matchstick holder
157 Non magnetic elements doped semiconducting metal oxide materials and its utilization in organic electronics
158 Complementary split ring resonator (CSRR) based metamaterial bow-tie antenna for multi frequency applications
159 Magnetic levitation based security system
160 Vehicular accident avoiding mechanism for foggy weather
161 A novel exhaust system for reducing the gases and particulate matter emitted from vehicles
162 Novel switch system for selecting high/low beam and flash to pass mode
163 Waterway transportation system with improved docking facilities
164 A compact and miniaturized microstrip patch antenna for Internet of Vehicle (IoV) applications
165 Energy free generation of potable water through recurring condensation and agglomeration using a bicylindrical container
166 Epicyclic lug wrench
167 An improved membrane free photocatalytic reactor for treatment of industrial effluent and sludge
168 Android/Tizen based artificial intelligence techniques for prognosis and diagnosis of electrical machines
169 Multiband antenna for global positioning applications
170 Two factor mechanical hand based volumetric force feedback system
171 Metamaterial based bow-tie antenna with multi frequency application
172 Early warning system (EWS) for detecting earthquakes
173 Lotus shaped multi-band antenna
174 Chroma-heptic system
175 Maple leaf planar fractal antenna for energy harvesting applications
176 Latent Evidence Searching Torch
177 3D augmented reality haptic two-factor volumetric force feedback interfaces
178 IV fluids level monitoring and nurse notification system through piezoelectric ultra-sonic sensing
179 Hole coupled slotted MIMO antenna with defective ground surface
180 Machine tool assembly with two independent tools spindle running on two drives
181 Affordable rapid tester for near vision correction
182 A dual mode technique for estimation of concentration change of analyte in dopaminergic effect
183 Desigin & development of a novel system to extinguish fire at high level ceiling clearance
184 An eco frindly multi layered mask
185 A portable system for Chromium detection in aqueous media for on-field applications
186 Efficient Low-cost light-weight illuminating horizontal-axis wind-mill
187 Flexible sandwiched insulation layer for plane and curved interior surfaces of vehicles cold
188 Transient analysis or air quality drivers
189 A system and its method for minimizing the value of voltage regulation
190 An EMP-Circuit Jamming Glove
191 A Method of Separation of Nickel by Microorganisms
192 Animal cage with post-operative intensive care system
193 E-Smat pill wrapper
194 Method and apparatus of automated ink and cleaning fluid supply system for direct printing pcb prototyping machine
195 A non invasive tyre burst prevention system
196 Power saving circuit
197 A method for generating electrical energy while driving from the rotation of rear wheels 
S.No. Title
1 An improved wireless transceiver device with reduced control packet overhead in mobile Ad hoc Networks
2 Advance brake failure alarm system
3 otched stacked ultra wide band dielectric resonator antenna for wireless communication applications
4 Self lifting cloth iron
5 Automatic screw fastening/ bolting machine
6 Automatic viscometer
7 Multi utility machine tool
8 An intelligent video camera to detect covered faces to prevent theft on ATM machines
9 Three dimensional printer with installed condensation system
10 Intelligent traffic monitoring system (ITMS)
11 Smartphone based authentic automated attendance system using existing Wireless network and bio-metric feature
12 I-O-T based environment monitoring system for ATM rooms
13 Smart bed to monitor sleeping baby movement and crying
14 Innovative room air conditioner using passive cooling and phase change material
15 Smart remote with USB port
16 Accident prone camera (APC) device
17 A system and method for joint ownership of digital signal  
18 Improved real time analysis for securing web server
19 A flexible software testing system by incorporating change point in SRG
20 Process to secure database using PK1
21 Micropipette ejector attachment system
22 Remote interface for slider aided wireless power transmission
23 Internal liquid cooling system for laptop
24 Multiband antenna for robotic swarming with application to dynamic boundary tracking
25 DNA shaped UWB patch antenna
26 System and method for securing an external drive using IOT
27 Ophthalmological biometry using ultrasound assisted with toric calculator
28 Mobile and remote locator 
29 Synchronous gmt-based analog clock
30 A system and method of deep packet detection engine for securing data in internet of things
31 Neural network based brain signaling emotion recognition & hand gesture recognition for paralytic person through a micro chip
32 Smart remote with USB port
33 Numeric keypad dedicated for biometric authentication
34 EMP Jamming robotic system using arduino programming 
35 Car parking space detection using GPU
36 Security enhancement for M-commerce for online transaction
37 A method for identification of GPR56 as a receptor for androgen signaling
38 Improved real time analysis for securing web server
39 An improved design of Interleaver for Turbo Codes
40 An energy efficient approach for multimedia applications in mobile Ad Hoc network using variable range transmission
41 System and method for simultaneous and parallel compression and encryption of data
42 Educational kit for the demonstration of 8085 flags
43 Multirate turbo code based image transmission system
44 Tag system for enhancing the security of a computer system
45 A system and technique for parking management using image processing
46 A system and technique for garbage detection using image processing 
47 A system and method for optimization in payment processing for enterprise applications in banking industry 
48 Infrared powered vibro-haptic piano training system for the visually impaired
49 Method and System of Real-Time IOT based control to meet power demand balance by responsive demand
50 System and method for network reconfiguration and load dispatching of installed DG to minimize I2R losses and improve system reliability under varying load condition
51 An Advanced Model for Secure Electronic Transaction
52 Passive haptic learning based typing skill enhancement system for the visually impaired
53 Tunnel based quantity determining garbage reception system
54 An Intelligent and dynamic barriers system to implement Physically Separable Reversible Lanes
55 A system and method for bank vault threshhold authetication
S.No. Title
1 A synergistic herbal composition for lowering blood pressure and blood cholesterol
2 A novel herbal formulation for correction of speech and nervousness
3 Herbal skin nourishing fairness cream
4 A novel herbal formulation for wet and dry cough
5 Mouth weting tablets - a novel herbal formulation for mouth dryness
6 Herbal hair oil -  a novel hair nourishin anti dandruff herbal oil
7 A novel compund with leishmanicidal activity.
8 Standardized method for extraction and purification of forskolin from the roots of Coleus forskohlii.
9 An improved method for commercial manufacturing of extract of 20% ß -escin from horse chestnut.
10 A process for preparing extract of Centella asiatica rich in asiaticosid and uses thereof in skin care and treatment.
11 An improved method for manufacturing of             Bacopa monnieri extract of not less than 20% bacosides.
12 Binding agents from Cassia species
13 A formulation from emulsifying agent from native and derivatized grandis gum
14 Suspending agent from cassia species
15 Tea catechins as anti-aging compounds
16 Prolonged release mosquito repellent formulations
17 Saponin derivatives
18 An improved method for manufacturing extract with atleast 40% stevioside from stevia
19 Neem based herbal formulation for diabetes and skin treatment
20 Process for the preparation of antidandruff herbal formulation
21 An improved method for extraction of lutein esters from banana peel
22 A formulation for the treatment of Arsenic toxicity
23 Bilimbi wine-A novel hypocholesterolemic nutraceutical
24 Polyphenol enriched nutraceutical composition with free radical scavenging and antimutagenic activities and a process for the preparation thereof
25 Probiotic enhanced lactoserum functional food product for adjuct therrapy in anemia
26 A diet supplement 
27 A bioactive Amaranthus viridis plant extract to inhibit the growth of Vibrio cholerae
28 Herbal formulation effective against acne vulgaris
29 Method for component resolved diagnosis of Aspergillus fumigatus hypersensitivity in allergic patients
30 A process for the preparation of disinfectant, air purifier and hand sanitizer using combination of plant extracts
31 A novel bioactive extract for prevention/ treatment of acne
32 A novel herbal composition for muscle 
33 Synthesis of Ag nanoparticles 
34 Novel formulation for non cell lung cancer
35 Immobilization of Pseudomonas mendocina lipase with potential synthetic activities
36 Herbal nail polish
37 Herbal colours for cosmetic and food
38 A fermented immunomodulater beverage and a process for preparation thereof 
39 Novel prebiotic product for treating hemmeroids
40 Shampoo for dry and greasy hair
41 Herbal nano silver using black peeper for acne treatment
42 Polymer based gelatin free capsules
43 Pine honeycomb pads for cooler
44 A novel composition for herbal hand-wash and process for the preparation of the same
45 Novel synergistic drug for HCC
46 Synthesis of a novel analogue of sorafenib for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma
47 Method for production of biosurfactant by Bacillus thuringiensis grown on mustard seed meal
48 A system and method for label free detection of DNA hybridization
49 Bioelectricity, waste remediation and increased Nitrogenase activity in plants by expression of nifF, nifJ gene in Geobacter metallireducens
50 Adjustable door/window rectangular frame fixture
51 A process for preparation of extract of Euphorbia thymifolia with therapeutic ingredients
52 A novel phyto-pharmaceutical functional supplement for pancreatic health and process for the preparation thereof
53 Lipstick formulation and method for preparing the same
54 Sunscreen lotion /gel formulation for skin flushing and inflammation
55 An herbal anti-mite formulation for treatment of rabbit ear canker and associated infections
56 A novel composition for the preparation of herbal incense stick (herbal agarbatti) and the process thereof
57 A novel synergistic formulation for inhibition of tumor growth and method of preparation thereof
58 Rivastigmine and quercetin conjugate form for treatment of Alzheimer's disease
59 A novel composition for the preparation of herbal mosquito repellent and the process thereof
60 Development of cinnamon-cumin dual drug loaded polymeric nanoparticles for sustained release of anti-diabetic drugs
61 Novel self defense spray formulation
62 A novel therapeutic dicyclopentyl compound and its method of preparation thereof
63 Hepatoprotective drug by using cichorium intybus extract in novel polysaccharide
64 A novel composition for the preparation of herbal mosquito repellent and the process thereof
65 Antiovulatory lepidin based novel formulation and a method for the preparation therof
66 A novel formulation for the preparation of herbal insect repellent and the process thereof
67 Tacrine-quercetin conjugates form for treatment of alzheimer's disease
68 Novel extraction procedure for dark herbal colours
69 A novel bioconjugate drug for targeted treatment of cancer and cancer stem cells
70 Synthetic peptide as glucokinase activator for treatment of Type 2 diabetes
71 Aerosol Composition for Treating Respiratory Infections
72 Novel quad layer bandages for immediate relief from pain and wound healing
73 A novel supplement for diabetes
74 Nanocarriers of natural L-Dopa for the treatment of Parkinson's disease
75 Cost-effective and reusable smart sponges for efficient removal of oil, organic pollutant and pathogens from industrial wastewater
76 A novel broad spectrum herbal formulation containing nanoparticles
77 A novel herbal formulation loaded with polymeric nanoparticles of anacyclus pyrethrum for mouth ulcers  
78 A method for preparation of herbal composition for the treatment of obesity
79 Natural Hair Dyes
80 A system and method for treatment of problems by herbal solutions
81 Biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles using Myristica fragrans (nutmeg) seed extract
82 Novel formulation for NASH (nonalcoholic steatohepatitis)
83 A modified process of purification of Phaseolus vulgaris (French beans) alkaline phosphatase by aqueous two phase extraction
84 Effect of high altitude medicinal plant extracts against oxidative stress in patients undergoing chemotherapy
85 Enhancement of shikonin production by Azotobacter in hairy root cultures of Arnebia hispidissima (Lehm.) DC.
86 A microencapsulation of citronella oil for insect repellant formulation for slow release
87 A process for preparation of extract of Euphorbia thymifolia with therapeutic ingredients
88 Microwave assisted green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using nyctanthes arbor-tristris plant extract
89 Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using centratherum anthelminticum plant tissue extract
90 Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using ethanolic extract of zanthoxylum alatum leaves
91 Novel synthesis of magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles using cinnamon leaf extract
92 Antibiotic compositions comprising an extract from datura plant and method for preparation thereof
93 A composition and method for enhancing the growth of algal biomass using yellow mustard seeds
94  A process for extraction and fractionation of bio-active components of Waldheimia tomentosa for antimicrobial and antioxidant activities
95 Biosynthesis of Zinc oxide (ZnO) nanorods using Citrullus lanatus fruit extract
96 Arachis hypogaea (peanut) as probiotic food
97 Lens culinaris (lentil) as probiotic food
98 A probiotic enriched vigna radiata seeds
99 A novel process for the preparation of antioxidant product with strong antimutagenic and free radical scavenging activities derived from agri-horticultural waste
S.No. Title
1 Fabrication of reusable transducer matrix for biosensor application based on nanostructured conducting polyaniline (NSPANI)
2 In situ genesis of silver nano in porous 
3 Process for encapsulation of glucose oxidase in emulsified nanoparticles  
4 Modification of nanocomposite of poly (3, 4-ethylenedioxythiophene)/poly (4-styrene sulphonate) (PEDOT: PSS) / nano graphite through ion implantation technique
5 Detection of BTX vapors based on metal-tetraphenylporphyrin functionalized carbon nanotube composite sensors
6 Homogenization of nanoparticles in poly (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)/poly (4-styrene sulphonate) (PEDOT:PSS)/ nanographite nanocomposites using swift heavy ions and thereby enhancing the sensing properties
7 A novel method of forming flexible multi-walled carbon nanotube foil
8 Method for the synthesis of thin silver nanowires (TAGNWS)
9 Nano-structured substrates prepared by rapid thermal annealing process for light out-coupling enhancement of organic light emitting diodes
S.No. Title
1 Design and fabrication of instant solar thermal water heating system based on phase change material - nanocomposite
2 Modular implementation scheme of fault tolerant circuitry for solar photovoltaic array networks
3 High performance focal absorber for dish concentrator of imperfect optics
4 An advanced glazing of longitudinal slatted array configuration for solar collector application
5 Closed loop least mean square adative noise canceller 
6 Efficient organic photovoltic devices using photoactive graphene oxide, organic linkers and semiconductor nanoparticles
7 Embedded expert system for estimation of direct solar radiation
8 A system for active cooling of solar photovoltaic cell using evaporation technique

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