FLUTE - 2021

The 1st Biennial International Symposium on Fluids and Thermal Engineering

Theme: Thermal Management of Electronics Devices and Components


22nd July 2021

Organized by

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Amity School of Engineering & Technology

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FLUTE 2021 is an international peer-reviewed academic symposium. It provides a forum for high-quality academic papers in order to promote rapid communication and exchange between researchers, scientists, and engineers in the field of fluid and thermal engineering. It publishes original research articles, review articles and feature articles.

The theme of FLUTE 2021 is on “Thermal Management of Electronic Components”. With the rapid growth of manufacturing technologies during the past decade, the electronic components and devices are exposed to the developing trends for (1) multi-functionality and (2) miniaturization that simultaneously requires larger electronic power and smaller chip component sizes. Consequently, there are increasing challenges for preventing the electronic devices from overheating under which situation their working efficiency and lifetime could be seriously deteriorated. Based on this, an effective thermal management approach is essential for guaranteeing the normal working efficiency and safety of different electronic components. In general, the thermal management techniques of electronic devices and components could be classified into two categories: (1) active cooling and (2) passive cooling. However, the active cooling becomes highly limited for miniaturized electronic devices because it usually requires sufficient space and additional power, and it also has the issues of high noise levels and difficult in maintenance. Due to this reason, the reliable passive cooling become essential and attractive for improving the thermal performance and life cycle of small electronic components.

The FLUTE 2021 ongoing mission is to detect novel trends in thermal management of electronic components on the following topics (but are not limited to):

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