13 Apr 2022|Gurgaon (Manesar)

My Health is My Business

My Health Is My Business

Amity University Haryana organized an expert talk “My health is my business” on 13th April 2022. With an industry expert Mr Lalit Mohan Kapoor Renowned Health & Nutrition Coach from California, USA. : The Objective of the Expert Talk was to:  To Create healthy living  among students & staff as  it is the way of leading a happy life. The healthier we are, the stronger we become, enduring physical and mental challenges in life.     

The five pillars of lifestyle which Mr Kapoor talked on were namely Body detoxification, plant based whole food, Physical activity, emotional & spiritual well-being, Timely sleep & meals.

Mr Kapoor gave his wonderful presentation about Nutrition & health.  Mr. Kapoor emphasized upon breaking food myths and empowered people to boost their health by educating themselves about the Plant Based Whole Food (PBWF) diet and an active intermittent fasting-based lifestyle known as PBWF/IF/10K. He recently launched Plant Based Wellness Foundation, a not-for-profit NGO. Mr Kapoor stated that my experience has shown that chronic diseases start when our diet and lifestyle is unhealthy. Suppressing symptoms of these diseases by medications is not a good solution as it often leads to further complications. Changing diet and lifestyle is the correct answer to these problems and when we do that, the need for medications, to control the symptoms goes away or greatly diminished.

Total no of Participants was 113.