29 Aug 2022|Gurgaon (Manesar)

Panel Discussion On Transform yourself and be the game changer” “From Campus to Corporate”on 29th August, 2022

Panel Discussion On Transform yourself and be the game changer” “From Campus to Corporate”on 29th August, 2022

The Corporate Resource Centre of Amity University Haryana organized a Guest Panel Discussion on the theme “From Campus to Corporate Transform Yourself and Be The Game Changer” on 29th of August 2022. The event was organized and coordinated by Mr. Manoj Sahani Director AUH CRC & Head Industry Integration, Mr. Rishi Raj  Singh AGM, AUH CRC and Dr. Ruby Singh Senior Manager AUH CRC to attain the prioritized goals of the event. The Guest speakers of the panel discussion were: Alok Sinha, CEO, Globus Eight; Rajat Wahi, Partner, Deloitte India; Sumit Sahni, CEO & Partner, InspireOne; Rajiv Gupta, CEO, Tricolite Electrical Industries and Deepak Choudhary, CEO, Audi India.  

Dr. Ritu Sharma, an associate professor at ABS, chaired the panel discussion after Dr. Monica Yadav officially introduced the event's distinguished attendees. Famous industry figures attended the session. Mr. Rajat Wahi, Partner at Deloitte India, Mr. Rajiv Gupta, CEO of Tricolite Electrical Industries, Mr. Sumit Sahni, CEO and Partner at InspireOne, and Mr. Deepak Choudhary, CEO of Audi Delhi West. Mr. Alok Sinha, CEO of Globus Eight. Dr. Ritu Sharma, an associate professor at ABS, hosted a panel discussion on the subject of "What Makes a Good Career Decision?" How can you develop suitable company credentials? How can campus life be improved such that it becomes a benefit to the corporation is what succeeds in the business world.

The CEO of Globus Eight and alumnus of the esteemed Harvard Business School, Mr. Alok Sinha, placed a strong emphasis on being adaptable in order to offer oneself as a possible brand. One must have at least five things on which to stand and create value, which must be effectively promoted, according to Rajat Wahi, Partner, Deloitte. Mr. Sinha and Mr. Wahi illuminated the obvious routes to advance one's profession. Mr. Sumit Sahni, CEO and Partner of InspireOne, a notable panellist, underlined the need of thinking broadly, broadening one's mental horizons, developing life skills, and taking responsibility for one's employment. According to Deepak Choudhary, CEO of Audi Automotive, if passion is developed and shown via work, money would come naturally. Rajiv Gupta, former vice president of Honda Motor and Tricolite Electricals, stressed the need of comprehending the distinction between college and professional life. Being digital knowledgeable is a crucial ability in today's modern world, Mr. Rajat Wahi continued.

Additionally, Mr. Alok Sinha underlined that soft talents, such as fostering a love for one's profession, carry more weight than technical abilities. Dr. Ritu Sharma: The essential elements for beginning successful professions are developing enthusiasm, ongoing self-learning, and self-discipline. Alok Sinha, please. Manoj Sahani, please. The session's director, CRC, AUH, expressed gratitude to each panellist and everyone who helped make it successful in his closing remarks. He also underlined that soft skills have always trumped hard talents.

The CRC team did an excellent job of planning the entire event, during which the guest panel discussed several crucial issues. The major goal of this session was to inform students about how to be ready for the corporate world and the significance of vital abilities that must be learned in addition to university education to get ready for the corporate world. Along with this, another goal was to educate and motivate students to recognise their own perspectives on the professional paths to be passionately selected and to arrange for campus placements in accordance with those insights before they eventually left university for the corporate world.

As a lead, the CRC team's efforts, together with those of the panellists and students, are probably going to help with placement interviews, raise placement possibility, and result in placement for connected students. Students have a solid understanding of the management research fields for their research projects. The characteristics of an effective leader, including attitude and perspective, as well as behaviours in leadership positions, have been taught to students. Additionally, students are likely to profit from the speakers' examples while preparing for job interviews. Additionally, pupils had a thorough understanding of the advantages and drawbacks of the many business success strategies.

Panel Discussion On Transform yourself and be the game changer” “From Campus to Corporate”on 29th August, 2022