Amity Law School promotes research and innovation based practical learning through real-life projects to achieve holistic development of Law students. It is focused on nurturing specialists in various fields of Law like Litigation, Corporate Law, Arbitration and Mediation, Drafting Legal Instruments, Policy Making, Research and Academics. ALS comprises faculty members from the academics as well as industry, from all areas of Law, who help in exhaustive training of students.


Law as a profession, and a discipline has become a popular choice among the students, particularly after introduction of five year Law course. In the global economy, Law students are playing a pivotal role of Policy Planners, Business Advisors, Negotiators among interest groups, experts in articulation and communication of ideas, Mediators, Lobbyists, Law Reformers, Advocates etc.

Keeping expanding roles of Law professionals in mind, our academic curriculum has been enriched with interdisciplinary approach to nurture competent law professionals of next generation. Curriculum at ALS also covers Value Added Course like Foreign Language, course on Behavioral Science and Communication Skills. We at ALS focus to develop articulation of arguments, drafting, collaborative skills, convincing, and negotiating skills and time management skills of students. ALS also provides a platform to innovate by enabling students to work at the cutting-edge legal theory with real-world practice skills.


To update students on dynamic laws in legal professions and socio legal accomplishments, ALS regularly organizes Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, Faculty Development Programmes and Guest lecturers by distinguished Judges, eminent Jurists, Policy Makers, High ranking civil servants and public figures. The innovative pedagogy and hands-on training make Amity Law School a vibrant intellectual community.

The experiential learning, at ALS, helps students in developing effective articulation, impeccable drafting of RTI, collaborative and negotiation as well as time management skills.

  • Amity Law School organises; field trips, industry visits, Guest Lectures, Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, Faculty Development Programmes interaction with experts and prominent scholars related to Economy, Philosophy, History and Law throughout the year.
  • Flexible Choice Based Credit System provides students to choose subjects of their interest in diversified fields except Law.
  • All Law programmes include Study Abroad Programme (SAP) to help students to gain knowledge about various International Laws, executive policies, foreign culture, global diplomacy, international relations and so on. Students also get an opportunity to interact with foreign faculty and carry out focused projects under their expert guidance.
  • ‘Amilawyers’ – a newsletter published by Amity Law School provides a platform to the students and Faculty to explore and contribute towards creating an ethical legal culture, which promotes the Rule of Law and help building an egalitarian, inclusive and sustainable society.
  • Amity Law School organized a paperless ‘e-Moot Court’ on 27th September 2016. Matching steps with ‘Digital India’ movement and various e-Governance initiatives by the Government of India, ALS promotes paperless Moot Court. ALS is committed to equip students with the latest tools of the trade and with best endorsed practices in the domain of legal studies.
  • ALS encourages regular visits to High Court, District Court, Tribunals and Central Jails and also organizes Moot Court Competitions, Legal Quiz, Seminars and Legal Aid Camps.
  • ALS manage Summer Internship and training programmes, for the students, to work under experts in reputed Law firms, Senior Lawyers and Corporate Houses.
  • The experts in the legal area provide tips to the students on Judicial Exams and entrance tests.
  • Faculty Members at ALS have published papers in national and international journals of repute which are Scopus Indexed and are indexed in legal studies.
  • ALS Faculty Members are a part of Editorial & Review Board of various National and International Journals of repute.
  • ALS Faculty Members have also been appointed as Session Chair and Key Speakers or Resource Person in various National and International Moot Courts, Model United Nation, Legal Aid Camps and Youth Parliament.