Infrastructure & Facilities

Amity Law School has state-of-the-art Academic Block, Moot Court, ICT enabled Lecture Theatre and Legal Aid Clinic.

Moot Court

Law is the system of rules, which a country or community recognizes, for regulating the actions of its members and which it may enforce by the imposition of penalties. Judges, Magistrates and Lawyers are directly connected with Law and the Lawyers are the ones that help people, families and businesses to establish their rights and help the Judges in arriving at decisions that ensure justice. Today’s Law Students will become Lawyers in future. To be a good Lawyer, Law Students must develop themselves both theoretically and practically.

Mooting is a specialized application of the art of persuasive advocacy and provides Law Students a valuable opportunity to hone both their written and oral advocacy skills in the competitive field of litigation. Realizing the value of Moot Courts, Amity Law School, Haryana, Gurugram organizes a National Moot Court Competition every year.

Being a flagship Institute to organize Moot Courts on Constitutional issues, even this year ALS organized its 4th National Moot Court Competition which dealt with issues like freedom of religion and discrimination on the basis of sex and religion along with issues relating to murder and rape. This Competition is yet another milestone in the stride towards academic and professional excellence of Amity Law School.

A wide range of competitions, debates, declamation and other activities are being conducted by the society to provide training and exposure to the Law students. The society comprises ALS Faculty Members and nominated students. The society supervises and assists students in research studies, honing oratory skills in order to achieve excellence and hands-on training. The ALS students have represented the institution in numerous National and International Moot Court Competitions, Model United Nations and Youth Parliament and brought laurels to the Institution.


Legal Aid Clinic

Legal Aid Clinic has been a part of ALS since its inception in 2011. The Clinic aims to provide legal aid services to underprivileged sections, impart knowledge about legal practices to masses and help people understand legal technicalities and their implications in daily life. The Legal Aid Clinic follows the model of good governance through dialogue, interaction with affected people, strives to work for welfare of people by following ethics of democracy, and contribute towards creating sustainable, inclusive and egalitarian society.

Students take part in various community service programmes, awareness campaigns, and welfare activities for rural communities. The Legal Aid Clinic also supports in organizing conferences, conclaves, legal interventions and co-curricular activities.

Model United Nations

The ALS students regularly take part in a simulation of the United Nations working sessions. Acting as ambassadors to various countries and societies, students adhere to the respective country’s law, diplomacy guidelines and international laws. The student representatives represent respective country’s values and interests in Model United Nation. Students enhance the art of negotiation and obtain the approval of documents (resolutions) that favour the assigned country and its citizens. This cooperative competition and academic simulation helps students to interact on matters of international politics and gain knowledge on diplomacy and international trade and laws.


E-Socio Legal Quiz

E-Socio Legal Quiz is organized by Amity Law School through audio video rounds to update the students on the best practices endorsed by litigation experts, advocacy partners, advisors, jurists, civil societies and academia.


The state-of-the-art library is also called Integrated Knowledge Resource Centre. It is considered a backbone of academic ecosystem of the University. This academic abode has various books and journals, including publications from Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press among others. A treat for bibliophiles, the library stacks several books, publication and research papers of National and International repute. This repository of books has become a reference point for many bibliophiles and legal practitioners.

Seminar Hall

The ultra-modern seminar halls are equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual and presentation tools to facilitate smooth presentation. These modern facilities create a unique space for students to perform practical applications of theoretical learning and skills with the help of simulations.