I-BIZFLUENCE 2018 To be held during

18th International Business Summit and Research Conference INBUSH
(International Business Horizon) 07th – 09th February 2018

In accordance with our sincere endeavor to research and advocate best practices in all spheres of management, we, at Amity International Business School, Amity University, Noida, India believe that our 18th International Business Summit and Research Conference INBUSH (International Business Horizon) 2018 is the best platform to explore, deliberate, discuss and analyze critical issues and recommend the best strategy to move forward to ensure success along with contentment and happiness.

We are proud to host this unique, annual and internationally acclaimed event, jointly with The University of Northampton, from 07th-09th February 2018 with acknowledging and highlighting the importance of 5 Ds i.e. Dream, Dare, Discover, Define and Deliver – Drivers for Global Success


As part of the conference we are inviting research papers/case studies on various themes related to international Business.

Sub Themes Of International Business

Sub Themes
  • Perspectives on Theoretical Issues Relating to Economic Growth
  • Inflation, Saving and Investment
  • Macro-Economic Performance related to Revenue and Expenditure
  • Issues related to Government Spending Priorities in India
  • Globalization and International Business
  • International Trade Patterns and BOP
  • Policy Framework for International Trade
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Global competitiveness of sectoral businesses
  • Environmental complexity & dynamism sustainability in business
  • Business Ethics, Social Responsibility & Corporate Governance
  • International Collaborations and foreign trade
  • Effect of Free Trade Agreements on Trade and economic welfare
  • Socio Political Implications of Regional Trade Integrations
  • Legal Issues in WTO and their implications in developing economy
  • Multilateral Trade Agreements and trade promotions
  • Relevance of Non-Tariff barriers in International Trade
  • Barriers to Trade in Services and non-service sectors
  • Trade Liberalization, Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection
  • Impact of Trade on Poverty Reduction
  • Inflation and Exchange Rate Dynamics and their impact on foreign trade
  • Role of Small Business Entrepneurship in foreign trade
  • Global Financial Crisis and its impact on foreign trade
  • BREXIT and Its Impact on International Trade
  • Trade and Employment generation
  • Challenges of Contemporary Global Business
  • UN Agenda 21 and Global Compact Programme
  • Role of UN and International Organisations on Sustainability issues
  • Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
  • Developmental Challenges like Poverty and Hunger
  • Aid-for-Trade initiative
  • Country/Regional Studies on Least Developed Countries
  • Perspective from Development Models of Developing Countries
  • Globalization & Culture
  • Managing Cultural diversity & commitment
  • Governance in Multiculturalism
Cross Cultural Management
  • Strategic issues facing emerging markets of the global economy
  • Global strategic management, MNE strategy, and structure
  • Management of the MNE, its subsidiaries, and inter-firm networks
  • Institutional strategies and the political environment
  • International technology transfer, R&D and innovation
  • Innovation in the international context
  • Comparative and international entrepreneurship
  • No-Money Marketing strategies
  • Public administration as it relates to and affects international business and global management
  • Corporate governance and social issues of the firm in the global context
  • Global talent management
  • International human resource management
  • Management of multicultural teams
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Work motivation and leadership
  • Inter- and intra-organizational group, teamwork and negotiation strategies
  • Conflict resolution in the international setting
  • Cultural and individual ethics and values
  • Intra-national diversity issues
  • Research methods in international management

Researchers are also encouraged to present Research Papers/ Case Studies in any other area of Management and not necessarily restrict themselves to the sub themes of the conference.


  • Paper submitted should be an original and unpublished work. Any paper submitted which is identical or substantially similar work already published or under review for another conference or publication, will not be considered.
  • A covering letter clearly certifying that the manuscript is original and has neither been published anywhere nor is at present being considered for any other publication should accompany the manuscript.
  • First page of the manuscript should have the broad theme, title of the paper, name of the author(s), organization’s affiliation, complete postal address, phone number, fax number(if any) and e-mail address followed by abstract and full paper. Kindly do not mention author(s) name, affiliation or any other such information inside the manuscript.
  • Recommended length of the research paper should be between 4000-6000 words. Font used should be Times New Roman with font size 12 and double spaced.
  • Tables, illustrations, charts, figures etc. should be serially numbered and duly acknowledged. Sources of the data need to be given below each table.
  • First level subheading should be left-justified, in upper and lower case, and printed in 14-point Times New Roman, boldface; second level subheadings should be left –justified, in upper and lower case, in 12-point Times New Roman boldface. The paragraph begins right after the sub-heading. Headings and sub-headings will not carry any numbering.
  • References should be complete in all respects, with authors’ surnames arranged alphabetically, following conventional citation styles. Authors are requested to follow the APA Style.
  • Multiple authors, if attending the conference, will have to register separately to be entitled for the conference certificate (Authors who do not register will not be entitled for the conference certificate). Authors, who are keen to present more than one paper, will have to register for both separately.
  • Submit an electronic copy of the complete manuscript along with abstract(s), by 31st December 2017 at

Dr. Alka Maurya (

Ms. Richa Goel (

Dr. Harendra Kumar ( )

The author(s) must register themselves for the conference by 15th January 2018 to ensure the inclusion of the paper in the conference proceedings which will be in form of a book with ISBN No.

Important Dates

Title Date
Full Paper Submission: 30th Jan 2018
Last Date for Registration: 30th Jan 2018
Conference : 07-09, February 2018
For more details visit

In-absentia and skype presentation

Participation is also solicited for in-absentia and skype presentation.


Some of the selected papers will also be published in International, Peer Reviewed, Indexed, UGC Listed journals of Amity University:

Registration Fees

Category Registration Fees
National (Rs) International
Author Industry 4,000/- 100 USD
Academician 3,000/- 75 USD
Research Scholar /Student 1000 50 USD
Delegate Industry and Academician 1,500/- 50 USD
Research Scholar 500/- 50 USD
Student 500/- 30 USD

Any queries regarding the Call for paper can be addressed to:
Dr. Alka Maurya ( )
Ms. Richa Goel ( )
Dr. Harendra Kumar ( )

with the subject " Payment for Paper