Ek Sham Uttar Pradesh ke Naam A Play “RAMAYANA” by Mimesis Club (Students of Amity School of Languages)

Uttam Vyanjan – Uttar Pradesh Food Festival (Cooking Competition)
(Curated around the theme of UP's regional cuisines by Amity School of Hospitality)

Uttar Pradesh ek Khoj (Religious Tour & Research Excursion)
28th September 2022 – 1st October 2022

Sahyog Yatra Manthan (Sarthak Foundation)

चरन्ति वसुधां कृत्स्नां वावदूका बहुश्रुताः Mahabharat, Shanti Parva 19-24

(Intelligent and eloquent people roam around the whole world)

We travel not to go anywhere, but to go. We travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move the 'great affair of moving', is indeed an enriching experience of invaluable significance. Travelling allows one to explore and to unravel the mysteries of nature, the culture of a place and the historical, social evolution of a chosen destination. World Tourism Day is celebrated each year on 27th of September to spread awareness about tourism and demonstrate its impact on the cultural, social, political, and economic fabric of the society. In the year 2022 World Tourism Day is being hosted in Indonesia, and its theme is, “Rethinking Tourism”.

Amity School of Languages, Amity University Lucknow Campus proposes to hold a National Conference on, 'अनुगच्छतु प्रवाह' Parãyatan se Pravartan: Tourism and Cultural Pride in Uttam Pradesh on 27th September 2022, to mark the International Tourism Day. And in line with the theme, “Rethinking Tourism”, the National Conference aims to focus on the potential of Uttar Pradesh in terms of the State's rich heritage which includes its historical relevance , the artistic richness of Hindi and Urdu Literature, dance and music, architecture , folklore, and various destinations of religious significance. All of these make it a chosen destination for travelling and also offer avenues of research and exploration by students of Literature, who can adopt a multidisciplinary approach and attempt to do scholarly research from social, economic, political, and cultural perspectives.

Tourism is an important industry which contributes to the progress of a country by becoming a perennial source of income, employment generation, aiding in the development of infrastructure, societal progress, religious tolerance, propagating cultural heritage of the place.

Tourism has been of eminence in the educational sphere as well, where it promotes study tours, short time courses, educational exchange programs, spreading cultural awareness and even translation studies. UNESCO defines culture as the set of distinctive spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional features of society or a social group, and that it encompasses, in addition to, art and literature, lifestyles, way of living together, value systems, traditions and beliefs. The culture of Uttar Pradesh offers a fertile ground for Research and scholarly learning in diverse areas.

The National Conference, 'अनुगच्छतु प्रवाह' Parãyatan se Pravartan: Tourism and Cultural Pride in Uttam Pradesh aims at enabling students and participants to understand the role and significance of tour and travel in inculcating human values and professional ethics. The conference also aims at developing research areas in the seamless possibilities that Uttar Pradesh has to offer.

Call for Papers

The areas of Research and Paper Presentation are as follows:

Travelling and Tourism: A Window to self-discovery

Exploring Incredible India: Tourism as an Industry

Social, Cultural and Political understanding through travelling

Reading Travelogues as a literary genre

Cultural Studies


Translation Studies

Folk lore and culture of UP

Art forms of UP, Performance studies

Historical Perspectives through Literature

Dialects of UP

Religion and Philosophy in modern times

Abstract and Paper Formatting Details

  • Font style Times New Roman
  • Font Size Text 12- point, Title 14- point, Sub- headings 12 points and Author Note 12- point
  • Alignment Title and Author Note should be centre Aligned, Sub- headings should be left Aligned and complete text should be justified
  • Line Spacing 1.5

Submission of Abstract- 15th September 2022
Submission of full paper- 25th September 2022

Last date of Registration : 25th September 2022
Faculty & Research Scholars : 500/-(INR)
Students : 200/-(INR)

Highlights of the Conference

Inviting abstracts for Papers, Posters or oral Presentations engaging with the themes of the conference.

Complete Registration forms, with Abstracts and Full papers, adhering to the important dates mentioned below, should be emailed to aslnationalconference2022@gmail.com and cc to dsrivastava5@lko.amity.edu & agupta2@lko.amity.edu with subject line as Abstract for 'अनुगच्छतु प्रवाह' Parãyatan se Pravartan: Tourism and Cultural Pride in Uttam Pradesh

Note: Selected papers will be published in the Conference proceedings with ISBN /ISSN No.

Instructions to the Presenters

Abstract length should not exceed 300 words, including the keywords. Paper length should not exceed 5000 words. Full papers must adhere to the MLA style for Documentation.

Poster Making Competition

Poster – Making competition is being organised for the students. The theme of the poster should be “Cultural, Religious and Domestic Tourism”, which highlights the underlying theme of the conference and the cultural evening. The poster should be prepared on an A3 sheet and should not incite the sentiments of any particular section of the society. The poster will be judged on the basis of its vibrancy, relevence to the theme, a balance between contemporary gesture and past ideologies, and creativity. The participant would be required to explain the motto of their poster for 1 min. The jury will declare the winner and would award him/her with cash prize.

Student Coordinators

Ms. Navya Srivastava: 91-7985009963, Mail Id: navya.srivastava@s.amity.edu
Ms. Anushka Biswas: 91-7007622247, Mail Id: anushka.biswas@s.amity.edu

Uttam Vyanjan, Uttar Pradesh – The Food Competition

Food competition“Uttam Vyanjan - Uttar Pradesh”, is being organized to showcase the gastronomic delights of Uttar Pradesh. Registration of the competition should be done by 25th September 2022, in order to confirm your participation. The jury will declare the winner and would award him/her with cash prize.

Faculty Coordinator

Chef. Ranjeeta Tripathi – 91-8303377733, Mail Id – rtripathi1@lko.amity.edu

Student Coordinators

Ms. Kajal Singh – 91-8299446198, Mail Id - kajal.singh2@s.amity.edu
Ms. Paramita Teckchandani – 91-9129981993, Mail Id - paramita.teckchandani@s.amity.edu

Travel and Accommodation:

About Lucknow and its Culture:

Popularly known as the City of Nawabs, Lucknow is famous for its traditional cuisine, fine arts and courtesies of bygone era. The cultural heritage Lucknow inherits was pretty much influenced by the Mughal, the French and the British. One finds the luxurious touch in almost everything that surrounds Lucknow.

The Ganga- Jamuni Tahjeeb of Lucknow makes people soft spoken. Lucknowites treat guests like Gods. Be it the lip-smacking cuisine, the delightful music and dance forms or the conversations, Lucknow flourishes in its distinct individuality and identity.

Best Time to Visit Lucknow

Lucknow is an experience and can be visited just about any time through the year. However, the best time to visit Lucknow is usually from October to March.

Tourist Attractions Bara Imambara, British Residency, Chattar Manzil, Jama Masjid Lucknow, Rumi Darwaza Lucknow Excursions Naimisaranya, Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary

How to Reach

By Air

The Amausi Airport at Lucknow is well connected with all metropolitan cities. Prepaid taxies are available at the Airport.

By Train

Lucknow is a major junction of the Northern Indian Railway and is well-connected with all major cities in the country.

By Road

Lucknow is intersected by various National Highways. Bus services are readily available from all major cities to Lucknow.


We extend assistance in arranging accommodation at the University campus/hostels. Limited accommodation on a sharing basis may be arranged.

Guest Houses and Hotels are located within a radius of five kilometers of the campus. It can be booked on payment; on prior request not later than 25th September 2022.

Conference Committee

    • Dr. Aseem K. Chauhan
      President, Amity University, Mumbai
      Additional President, Ritnand Balved Eucation Foundation
      CEO, Amity Capital Ventures
    • Prof. (Dr.) Balvinder Shukla
      Vice Chancellor, Amity University Uttar Pradesh
    • Prof. (Dr.) Kum Kum Ray
      Professor & Director, Amity School of Languages
      Amity University, Lucknow Campus
      Mail ID- kkray@lko.amity.edu
    • Ms. Shraddha Srivastava Assistant Professor
      Amity School of Languages
      Amity University, Lucknow Campus
      Mail Id – ssrivastava2@amity.edu
      Contact +91 – 9919863256
    • Prof. (Dr.) Satyarth Prakash Tripathi
      Professor, Amity School of Languages
      Mail Id- sptripathi@lko.amity.edu
      Contact: +91 – 7376237707
    • Dr. A. Babu Rajendra Prasad
      Associate Professor, Amity School of Languages
      Mail Id -arprasad@lko.amity.edu
      Contact: 91 – 9899569105
    • Dr. Manjari Johri
      Assistant Professor, Amity School of Languages
      Contact: +91 – 99365569105
      Mail Id - mjohri@amity.edu
    • Dr. Bratish Sarkar
      Assistant Professor, Amity school of Languages
      Contact: + 91-9670540247
      Mail Id- bsarkar1@lko.amity.edu
    • Dr. Kaushal Yadav
      Assistant Professor, Amity School of Languages
      Contact: +91 -9198000963
      Mail Id- kyadav@lko.amity.edu
    • Ms. Trupti Mishra
      Assistant Professor, Amity school of Languages
      Contact: +91-96964039333
      Mail Id- tmishra@lko.amity.edu
    • Dr. Satendra Kumar Mishra
      Assistant Professor, Amity School of Languages
      Contact: +91 -9307041344
      Mail ID- skmishra2@lko.amity.edu
    • Dr. Deepshikha Srivastava
      Assistant Professor, Amity School of Languages
      Contact: +91 -9935994485
      Mail ID- dsrivastava5@lko.amity.edu
    • Mr. Rohit Yadav
      Assistant Professor, Amity School of Languages
      Contact: +91 -9807821846
      Mail Id – ryadav3@lko.amity.edu
    • Dr. Archana Gupta
      Assistant professor, Amity school of Languages
      Contact: - +91 86873 27232
      Mail Id- agupta2@lko.amity.edu
    • Ms. Adaa Dev
      Assistant Professor, Amity School of Languages
      Contact: +91 – 7905696185
      Mail Id- adev@lko.amity.edu
    • Ms. Nishu Sinha
      Trainer (German), Amity school of Languages
      Contact: +91-9005766990
      Mail Id – nsinha@lko.amity.edu

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