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I am Akshat Srivastava, a student of Jaypee Institute NOIDA, currently doing my B – Tech in Computer Science as a 1st Year student. I was highly motivated to join Armed Forces and for this I gave the UPSC NDA – I exam on 15th April 2012 which I cleared successfully. On clearing the written exam I was called for attending SSB Interview. Being a fresher, I had no idea about SSB. On contacting my friends; I came to know about Amity SSB Academy. I joined the Academy for two weeks course and in these 2 weeks I came face to face with the best faculty which I ever had in my life. During these 2 weeks, I found drastic improvement in myself. I was filled with confidence. I realized that my analyzing power of a problem and ways to solve it tactfully increased. My communication skills improved a lot and my convincing power increased to a great extent. When I faced my SSB interview at Coimbatore on 21st September 2012, I was able to actively participate in the proceedings and achieve success.

It was due to the whole hearted efforts of the faculty that I was able to clear my SSB. Without their guidance and blessings this achievement would have not been possible. Thank you Amity SSB Academy for fulfilling my life time dream.


Being a Student at ASSBA has been a worthwhile and fantastic experience. I am now more practical in my approach and have learnt to appreciate the broader perspectives/views of others. They have given me the necessary exposure that is essential to almost any kind of job. They helped me to transform all my strengths into lifelong passions.

In the academy, everyone is really keen to offer me help; advice and support which made me feel really at ease. They gave me that State of Eunoia (Beautiful Mind) and now I am more confident in whatever I do. I’ve also learnt not to underestimate my contribution and believe that the things we all are scared of; are actually worthwhile. ASSBA opened many doors for me and helped me learn . . . that there are others like me. :) Words are not needed to express what they have and what they’ll give.

Everywhere, everyone can see it.

Thank you for making me the person I always wanted to be.

Thank you for radiating love and affection in the most bizarre way.


Getting selected in SSB is the biggest achievement of my life.

After I joined the Amity SSB Academy, for the first time in my life I was able to find some one whom I could trust and get proper guidance. The Officers of ASSBA took care of me personally. They are the only people who genuinely took care of my thought process and changed the way of my thinking.

After joining Amity SSB Academy I started thinking practically and both my professional and personal lives are free of any kind of complexity.

I am really very grateful to Amity SSB Academy for making me a much better, more efficient and more practical person.

Ankit Alok Srivastava - CANDIDATE

ASSBA in itself complete mirages of what a candidate has to under go in the coming ever lasting days at SSB. It not only prepares you initially but gives a physical outlook of the days at SSB. I believe that the main reason behind my success is the change in the way of thinking and responding to situation which has been inculcated in me by the respected sir’s over here. To this I would say that teachers here are jovial as well as co-operative in nature. They not only point our mistakes, correct them in positive way and make us bitterly presentable in the final showdown. The class atmosphere as well as the way of teaching is based not on mugging and dictating but the essence is to be positive and have a bright outlook for each situation and task.

A student coming over here must have certain pre requisites such as motivation, dedication and openness and rest leave it on your guides who would pave a better and fruitier way for you in your future ahead.


Becoming an officer was a dream for me before I underwent training. Training has imbibed in me confidence, daring, proud & discipline. I have done my training honestly therefore I feel I have learned what an officer is and how he / she has to behave.


Amity SSB Academy has been a life changing experience for me. The learning, motivation and grooming it has given has helped me get selected in the SSB interview for navy. The teachers are very helpful and supportive. The Academy provides ample amount of practices through a series of tests like verbal and non verbal reasoning, picture perception & description test, Situation reaction test, Psychological test, etc. The teachers constantly evaluate our performance and give us feedback to improve. I would strongly ask the aspirants to join it not only for SSB but for over all grooming as well.