Introduction to architecture Brief - Architecture is when imagination comes into reality. It is an amalgamation of art and technology. When technology is introduced to ideas and creativity, a whole new reality is born'. It is through architecture that the society reflects itself.  It is a profession about serving people and society. It is an architect’s responsibility to design buildings that fulfill the practical purpose of the community, bring people together, and connect them to each other as well as to the environment while preserving precious natural resources

Activity to comprehend basic fundamentals of architecture

Principle of Design through Model Making Brief - For any student of architecture, it is very important to understanf fundamentals of design. These principles are Balance, Emphasis, Pattern, Repetition, Proportion, Rhythm, Variety, Unity, Contrast etc. Understanding these principles and then applying it in the design is the key responsibility of an architect taken also into consideration few other tangible and intangible parameters.

Model making activity to apply principles of design

Understanding Frame - an exercise of photography Brief - The session is about the skill and technique of photography at its very basic level but with a subject matter. The session focuses on a chosen frame, to capture various objects to comprehend scale and proportion. Principles of composition are focused upon which finds relevance at all professional & artistic domains.

Photography exercise

Mapping the neighbourhood Brief - Surrounding environment and regional context affect built form as well as humans. Its becomes important to notice how our immediate buildings apart from their house effects people. This session empahsis on mapping immediate neighbourhood, memories associated with the place and effeciency in providing ideal habitual infrastructure .

Mapping exercise of neighbourhood street

Story through infographics Brief - The session focus on basic sketching and development of different infographics. This will help students to learn how to translate any idea into a compelling story.

Activity to develop a story or a narration using infographics

Exploring Digital Tools in Architecture Brief - This session introduce students to three dimensional design tools and the Cartesian Coordinate System. This will make them familiarise with virtual and digital tools utilised in Architecture like Google SketchUp.

An introduction to Google SketchUp

An exercise in Google SketchpUp

Constructing ideas to reality Brief - Building constructions is essential part of architecture, it deals with various system to make a structure strong and useable. This session dwells upon various parts of buildings, and the challenges faced in construction process.

An introduction to megastructures .

Actitvity based to create a tall structure.

Parametric computation in Architecture Brief - Technology is the game changer of this century, it will modify how we design and build and with development of computation boundaries have been pushed further more. It can help to shape a better version of our built envrioment and enhance experiences by reducing time of repetitive task, and providing varied soltutions to opt. This societal transformation require new knoweledge and additional set of skills. Knowlegde of BIM software will become pre-requiste for most of the architectural jobs.

Brief introduction of Artifical intelligence in built envrioment

An activity based on paramentric computation in architecture

Rethinking concept of space post pandemic Brief - As we move forward in different phases in pandemic we will focus again on our spaces. The world will look at architect and planners for vairous solution and new ideas are already strating to emerge and architects are rethinking the requirements and needs about the "new normal" from classrooms, public space, open green areas and even homes.

Introduction to communal experience in public spaces.

An exercise about rethinking spaces post pandemic.

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