Introduction to Automobiles.

 Working of Engines.

 Latest trends in Automobiles.

Materials in Automobile Engineering.

Introduction to Basic Manufacturing Process in automobiles -I.

Introduction to Basic Manufacturing Process in automobiles -II.

 Wear in Materials.

 Introduction to Robotics.

 Introdution to Projection in Engineering graphics.

Principle of Refrigeration.

Different types of refrigerator.

Working of an Air conditioner.

Internal Combustion Engines, Spark Ignition Petrol engine and Compression Ignition Diesel engines, Air standard cycles, Engine components, Combustion in engine

Cooling and lubrication System.

Suspension and Stability of Vehicles, Tyres, Engine Design, Design of Transmission Elements, Design of Steering Systems and Brakes.

Car body details, Body Engineering and Vehicle Aerodynamics.

Starting, Charging and Ignition Systems, Lighting System & Accessories, Automotive Electronics, Electronic Fuel Injection.

Additive Manufacturing.

3d Printing technology Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning, Augmented reality, Virtual reality & Mixed reality.

Introduction to Brakes.

Use of Co-generation technology in automobile.

Introduction to Gears.

Introduction to Mechanism in automobile.

Concept of the gyroscope in automobile.

Epicyclic gear train used in automobiles.

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