Introduction of Mechanical Engineering and sub branches like Automobile Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Design, Industrial and production Engineering and Thermal Engineering.

Thermal Engineering:

Thermal Engine, 4S and 2S based internal combustion engine, Wankel engine, case study of latest trends like Bugatti Veyron engine , Gas turbine.

Automobile Engineering:

Vehicle Design & Dynamics, Rolling, Pitching and Yawing, Vehicle Aerodynamics, Stability, Suspension, Transmission System, Steering and Tyre.

Industrial and Production Engineering:

Principles of good product design, tolerance design; quality and cost considerations; product life cycle; standardization, simplification, diversification, value engineering and analysis, concurrent engineering.

Machine Design:

Design and Analysis of I C Engine components on Solid works and Ansys.

Materials Engineering:

Metals and Alloys, Phase Diagram, Cold, Hot working of metals. Ceramics, Composites, Properties and applications of various composites.

Mechatronics Engineering:

Mechatronics in manufacturing, products and design. Review of fundamentals of electronics, CNC machines and part programming. Industrial Robotics, Kinematics and Dynamics of Manipulator, Mapping and Transformation.

Refrigeration and Air conditioning:

Methods of producing cooling, ton of refrigeration, coefficient of performance, types and application of refrigeration and air condensing systems.

Computational Fluid Dynamics:

What, When, and Why?, CFD Applications, Numerical vs Analytical vs Experimental, Modellingvs Experimentation, Fundamental principles of conservation, Conservation of mass, Conservation of linear momentum: Navier-Stokes equation, Conservation of Energy, General scalar transport equation.

Research and Development:

Invention and Innovation, Patent and Trademark, Research papers.

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