Introduction to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology: A brief review

DIntroduction to different methods to synthesis of nanomaterials

Industrial application of Nanotechnology

Quqntum confinement and nanoscale regime

Chemical properties of nanomaterials

Nano-materials for Environmental applications

Electrochemically synthesized nanomaterials and their properties

Synthesis and Application of Carbon nanotubes

Synthesis of Green Nanoparticles

Measurement of nanostructures and their properties

Electron Microscopy

Techniques for nanomaterial characterization

Introduction to sensors

Nano materials in disease diagnostics


Optical properties of nanomaterials

Optoelectronic properties of nanomaterials

Experiments in Nanotechnology


Organic nanomaterials for pharmaceutical applications

Bio - nanomaterials and their application for environmental remediation

Applications of nanomaterials in coating

Colorimetric detection of heavy metal ions

Gas sensing using Nanostructures

Bio-sensing applications of nano-materials

Role of nanomaterials in sensing

Application of NP's in Biosensor fabrication

Prospects of nanotechnology in sustainable agriculture

Animal health and nanotools

Assessment and Feedback

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