Welcome Address & Introduction of AISST by HOI. Importance of Space Sciences & Avionics & Career goals.

Rocket Systems Basics & India's Efforts

Introduction to Space Science (Astronomy)

Types of Drones and its applications

Introduction of Black Hole

Satellite Systems

Overview of Embedded Avioncies System

Overview of Path-Planning

Overview of Avoinics Sensors and Instruments

Rocket Systems Basics & India's Efforts

Remote Sensing Systems

Types of Drones and its applications

Aerodynamic forces acting on Aerofoil & aircraft

Basics of aircrft flight

Lift and drag generation

Navigation of Spacecrafts

Overview of Natural and Aritifical Satellite

Implementation of different Control Techniques using software

Elementry idea of stability of aircraft

Correlation betwwen school level science and the aircraft design

Radar Systems

Introduction to the field of simulations

Flight safety

Different types of load on aircraft components

Contribution of DRDO/ISRO

Overview of Aeropsace Electronics

Communication Systems and its applications to space science

Basics of gas turbine engines

Different types of jet engine

Different types of rocket engines

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