Introduction to architecture

Activity to comprehend basic fundamentals of architecture

Drawing by Hand: Introduction to Architectural Drawing

Introduction to Building elements, Perspective, Architectural Rendering

Activity on one point & two point perspectives.

Product Design- exploring form and function

Activity on developing a creative process from the idea to a final presentation.

Virtual exhibition with a model and a short story in digital format.

Understanding Frame - an exercise of photography

Photography exercise

Interior Spaces- Exploring the spatial qualities

Introduction to the fundamentals of the development of spatial concepts and design strategies that will foster critical thinking, problem solving and decision-making capabilities.

Activity to produce small scale models, sketches and drawings

Architectural Space & Structure

A historical journey through megastructures .

Actitvity based to create a tall structure.

Story through infographics

Activity to develop a story or a narration using infographics

Building Modelling in Architecture

An introduction to Google SketchUp

An exercise in Google SketchUp

Parametric design through model-making

Foam Core Architectural Model Starter workshop (Model making workshop)

Industry interaction

Alumni interaction

Showcase of studens work

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