Introductory Session - Digital Media and Communication

Media as an Industry: Its Aspiration, Transformation, and Perception

Let's Explore Communication

Defining News: Journey from Traditional to New Media

Multimedia: The New Normal

Blogging and You

Activity: Express Yourself through Blogs

Window to the World: Your Smartphone and News

MoJo Activity - Students will Make a 2-Minutes Story Using their Smartphone

MoJo Activity - Final Touch ups

How to Face the Camera

Activity - Students will Showcase their Talent in Anchoring

Welcome to the World of Advertising and Brands

Get to Know Very Interesting Facts Behind Some Famous Brands

Logos and Mascots: Connectivity with Their Brands

Copywriting Skills

Activity - Students will Get a Chance to Design Logos and Tag Lines for Their Favourite Brands

Your Voice and the World

New Formula: Podcast

Your Voice and the World

Photo Journalism

Still Documentary

Importance of Photography in Citizen Journalism

Soft Skills and Media

Choosing PR as a Career

Person as a Brand: Exploring the Power of Digital Media

Presentation of Final Output and Experience Sharing

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