Introduction to term fashion and overview of fashion industry

Recent Fashion Events & trends

Discussion on works of Indian & International Fashion Designers

Understanding the development of fashion Figure and their promotions

Brief of development of theme and mood board

Project: Development of ensembles

Rendering and coloring

Creative Rendering from unconventional aspects

Project : Creative Rendering

Introduction to styling

Creating own styling tips

Project: Self-Styling

Promotion Ideas

Project: Promote oneself on Digital Platform

Introduction to sustainability

Ways of upcycling

Project: Collection of material for upcycling

Methods of ornamentation with discarded products

Project: Developing new product from collected material

Developing new product from collected material

Introduction to natural Dyes

Extraction of Natural Dye

Project: Collection of Material for Natural Dyes

Introduction to various methods of dyeing

Extraction of Dyes from collected material

Project: Application of dyes on fabric swatches

Design Display

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