Talk about yourself, your educational background, your job, your family, your neighborhood

Common salutation, Welcoming somebody: greetings, 

Present Simple tense - Habit, State

People: Family, Physical description, adjectives and possessive pronouns  

Actions in daily life, Describe daily activities and habits 

Pronominal verbs

Places: Cafe, Restaurant, Shops, Bank, Post office, Hotel, Road 

 Ask for goods in a shop

Order a meal in a restaurant, Explain one's likes and preferences

Common verbs, e.g. : come, go, do, know, see, take  

Hobbies: Sports, Going out, Shows, Holiday trips

Imperative - Affirmative and Negative - for instructions and commands

Some Verbs + infinitive: want to, able to, can do

Make inquiries about a journey at a travel agency

Buy tickets


Ask your way and give directions

Use public transport (buses, trains and taxis)

Prepositions of place

To/at + place from + place

 Countries & Cities

Future tense

Itinerary, Weather forecast

Events: Meetings, Evening out, Family events, Visits, Excursions,

Accommodation: Units in the house, interior, classroom

Article definite and indefinite

Invite and respond to an invitation

Accept or refuse something (help, service, suggestion, meeting)

Simple past/present perfect

Describe past activities and personal experiences

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