Ice Breaking Session

Group Dynamic

Team Building

Changing Business Landscape

Behavioural Skills for Self Development & Growth

Leadership Qualities

Fundamentals of Marketing Management - Introduction to the fascinating world of marketing

Fundamentals of Marketing Management - Marketing Concepts

Fundamentals of Marketing Management - Current trends in Marketing , Introduction to Marketing Mix

Product Life Cycle - Introduction to the concept of PLC

Product Life Cycle - Discussion on PLC

Product Life Cycle - Examples and Case study

Buying Process - Consumer's Buying Behaviour

Buying Process - Factors Affecting the process

Buying Process - Online buying behaviour and factors affecting it

Pricing Methods - Introduction to Pricing

Pricing Methods - Factor s affecting Pricing

Pricing Methods - Newer concepts

Promotional Channels and Advertising - Basic concepts of various communication elements

Promotional Channels and Advertising - Focus on Advertsing and Sales Promotion

Promotional Channels and Advertising - Case study based on Advertising

Retail Management - Introduction

Retail Management - Formats

Retail Management - Newer concepts

Digital Marketing - Introduction to Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing: Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing: AI and Blockchain in Marketing

Quiz & Case Study

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