PN Diode: Working of diode in forward and reverse biasing.

PN Diode: Applications as clipper, rectifier etc.

Transistor as a key component to all electronics

Lab session on diode and transistor working

Digital basics: world of 0 and 1

 Lab session on digital basics

 Introduction to communication system: Overview of communication system, Basic requirement of communication system

Modulation: Need of modulation & Types of modulation

Amplitude Modulation –methods of generation

Amplitude Modulation –methods of generation

Amplitude De-Modulation Basic definition and recovery of original signal

Frequency modulation –Overview

Frequency De- modulation

Pulse modulation-Introduction

Digital modulation-Introduction ,advantages of digital modulation

Digital modulation-Introduction to Pulse code modulation and delta modulation

LAB Session on Analog Communication

LAB Session on digital Communication

Introduction to data networks, LAN, MAN, WAN, and Topologies

Overview of Connecting Devices(Hub, Switch, Router, Gateways): How these devices are used to establish data networks

Introduction to IP addressing-all you need to know how devices connect over internet

Establish a LAN using Packet Tracer

Establish a LAN using Packet Tracer

Network Security: Types of security , attacks and risks

Evolution of Mobile Communication: path from 1G to 4G

Multiple access schemes for Mobile Communication: TDMA, FDMA, CDMA

Architecture of GSM & Overview of call flow procedure through a mobile network

Emerging Telecom Technologies: Long Term evolution (LTE), Multiprotocol Label switching(MPLS) ,Next Generation Networks (NGN)

Green Infrastructure: backhaul communication systems, Active and passive infrastructure sharing, cell on wheels (COW)

Quiz/Query Session

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