Career in Pharmacy (India and Global Perspectives)

Education Framework of Pharmaceutical Education in India and abroad

Pharmacist: A Bridge between Doctor and Patient

Formulation concepts of solid/liquid/parenteral dosage forms

Formulation concepts of solid/liquid/parenteral dosage forms

Basic concepts of Microbiology and Sterilization

Pyrogen testing of Injectables

Drug Discovery Process

Basics of Organic Chemistry

Concepts of Stereochemistry and its applications w.r.t. Drugs

Basic concepts and Applications of Analytical Chemistry

Introduction to sophisticated analytical equipments and their applications

Basic concepts and applications of Spectroscopy in day to day life

Basic concepts of Chromatography

An introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

Origin of diseases & their management using drugs

Routes of drug administration

Experimental Pharmacology with Animals

Basic concepts of biochemistry and correlation with diseases

Introduction to Plants as Sources of Medicine

Role of herbal plants as Immunity boasters

Introduction to Plant tissue culture

Yoga and its benefits

Introduction to Indian Systems of Medicine

Basic concepts of Intellectual Property Rights

How medicine come to market – Understanding the cycle

Product management & its scope of Pharmacy

Regulatory Framework in Pharmaceutical Industry – Drugs & Medical Devices

Nutraceuticals: Developing and understanding

Role of Healthcare professionals in Covid-19

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