Welcome Address& introduction of ASPESS by HOI, Role of Physical education and sports in society

Introduction and History of Physical education

Scope of Physical education

Introduction of health education and precaution of COVID 19

Calculation of Energy expenditure

Need , Importance and role of Health education in community

Introduction and principles of Sports Training

Types of training in P.E and sports

Planning in P.E and Sports

Introduction to tournaments

Intramural and Extramural competitions

Introduction to BMI

Sports Psychology: Introduction

Sports Psychology and personality

Role of Motivation in Sports

Introduction to Muscle contraction in sports

Types of exercise in P.E and Sports

Terms/Terminologies related to Physical Education

Athelets in Sports: Biographies

Women in Sports : Challenges

Introduction to Adaptive Physical education

Warm-up, Cooling Down and Fatigue

Load and Adaptation in sports

Psychological preparation for training and competition

Yoga and lifestyle

Yogic techniques and benefits

Need and importance of Yoga in society

Open activity for all participants

Open discussion for all participants

Closing and concluding remarks

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