Inauguration, Ice Breaking and Introduction

Ice Breaking Exercise & Introduction to Psychology

Career Prospects in Psychology

Assignment of Group Project

Emotions in Motion

Explore and know how to express your emotions

Understanding Quotient- EQ v&s IQ

Assessment of your EQ

Brain Power: Memory

Understanding memory

Memory Experiment

How to remember better?

Positive Adjustment

Working with a team

Healthy transition to adulthood

Taking initiative in social situations

Healthy Mind and Healthy body

Health and Psychology

Developing positive body image and growth

Creating a healthy and happy lifestyle

Understanding and Managing Stress

How stressors effect you?

Preventing Stress

Brain gym and Mind Body Synchronization

Brain Power: Intelligence and Creativity

Understanding your IQ

Intelligence and creativity

Map your intelligence

Developing Positive Thinking

Rediscovering Positivity

Positive psychology and healthy life

Assessment of positive strengths

Who am I?: Understanding Personality

What is personality?

Understanding your personality

Improving your personality

Lets Share: Project Submission

Project Submission and Presentation (choice-based)


Experience Sharing and Learning and Feedback

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