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GENESIS: Internationally, the importance of the doctorates has been growing continuously. This increasing attention has not been predominantly concerned with the traditional role as future supply of academics but also focused on the increasingly important role in the knowledge economy, specially with regard to high-level skills.

More and more universities around the world graduate ever increasing numbers of students with Ph.Ds, A new study notes that China is the world leader in producing Ph.Ds, having outnumbered the United States on a per year basis. Doubts are raised that the sharp increase of Ph.D. awardee may be compromised at the cost of quality.

Every year on an average about 0.3 million Ph.Ds are produced globally in which India’s share is just (about 23000) 7% whereas China and USA contribute to about 45-55 thousand doctorates, which amounts to over 30% of the total doctorates. More often, the quality of Ph.D. research work is questionable. It has been felt that a global platform of doctorates should be established to share the experiences in generation and dissemination of knowledge and also to network for ensuring high quality in doctoral research. In pursuance with this objective, on March 7, 2012, a distinguished group called “Global Network of Doctorates” (GND) was created on LinkedIn, which is so far joined by move the 4346 highly accomplished professionals from 55 countries.

These members have doctorate degrees in different fields of study and they were engaged in hundreds of discussions, opinion polls and thousands of comments/ suggestions to improve quality of research. Click Here

Global Network of Doctorates also declared that August 25th shall be observed as the “World Doctorates Day” and on this day various academic Institutions organize conferences/seminars/ workshop/Lecture Series etc. and take a pledge. Five years back on August 25th 2013, we had organized a conference at Apeejay Stya University, Gurugram and the Jamia Milia Islamia University. In 2014, this event was organized on August 25th at India International Centre, New Delhi. In 2015 this event was organized by Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. During the last 3 years the event was organised at ITM University Gwalior (2016), JNU, New Delhi (2017) Christ University, Bengaluru (2018), Goa University, Goa (2019) and ITM University Gwalior (2020).

This year, to commemorate this day, Amity University Haryana under the aegis of Global Network of Doctorates proposes to organize a one-day “International Conference on Issues and Challenges in Doctoral Research (ICICDR 2020)” through online platform. Invitations are being sent to hundreds of doctorates across the world including a few eminent academicians and Corporate Executives for their gracious presence. We hope that about 300 doctorates will participate in this event.


Eminent thought leaders and academicians from India and abroad will provide critical and interactive lectures to discuss the issues and challenges related to the doctoral research. The objectives of the conference are to develop remedial strategies to address the following concerns and topics in order to promote and strengthen doctoral research globally:

  • Doctoral Degree-Rigour on Training and Quality of Research
  • Ethics in Doctoral Research: Supervisor’s Commitment, Student’s Responsibilities and Role of Doctoral Research Advisory Committee
  • Rules of Engagement: Training Mentors for Doctoral Research Supervision
  • Benchmarking the Quality of Doctoral Research in India to the Highest International Standards
  • Attracting the Best Minds to Academia: Engage Students at School and College Level to Research Laboratories
  • Leveling the Playing Field: Create More Opportunities for Indian Women in Research
  • Role of Television and Electronic Media in Promoting Research: Impact of Discovery and National Geographic Channels in India and Abroad
  • Design of Doctoral Research Programs for Industry R & D Needs: Basic Research or Applied Research?
  • Evolving Superior Doctoral Research Programs: Design, Conduct, Evaluation and Impact
  • Need for Active University-Industry Partnerships in India



Amity University Haryana is built on a foundation which embodies all the qualities that have made Amity institutions world-class over the last two decades. It is a part of India’s leading educational group which has 11 Universities & 13 campuses in India, 13 overseas campuses, 18 Schools & Preschools, 150 + Institutions, 250+ programmes across 60+ disciplines in which more than 2,25,000 students are studying. Amity University Haryana has been established by the Haryana Act 10 of 2010 by Government of Haryana on April 26, 2010. The University is imparting UGC recognized programmes both at undergraduate, postgraduate and Doctorate level in various disciplines.

Amity University Haryana has been accredited by NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council) and ASIC (Accreditation Services for International Schools, Colleges and Universities) UK and has been ranked amongst top 3 Private Universities in Delhi / NCR by NIRF-Ministry of Education, The Week (No.1), India Today, Times of India, KPMG, ABP News, Hindustan Times and ASSOCHAM.

The 110 acre of Amity University Haryana campus is Green Building Certified Campus being India’s first and ASIA’s 2nd to receive LEED (USA) PLATINUM CERTIFICATION which is the highest standard worldwide for environmentally responsible design, construction of existing buildings provides multi-cultural environment with the presence of students from across India and more than 20 Countries, who shares diversity of regions, ethnicities, cuisines and culture giving them global outlook.

The Amity University Haryana campus provides multi-cultural environment with the presence of students from across India and more than 30 countries, who share diversity of regions, ethnicities, flavours and cuisines giving them global outlook.

The Academic & Research canvas of the University is organized into seven Faculties viz., Faculty of Management, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Science and Technology, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Architecture and Planning , Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Medical and Allied Health Sciences, which have 19 institutions, currently offering about 137 programs at UG & PG levels, besides offering the Ph.D. programs, in the areas, such as Engineering and Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Big Data, Data Analytics and Data Science, Molecular Medicine and Steam Cell Science, Applied Sciences, Defence Technology, Biotechnology, Environment Science, Nano-sciences & Technology, Law, Pharmacy, Vision Science & Optometry, Audiology & Speech Language Pathology, Nursing, Medical and Allied Health Sciences, Nursing, Media and Mass Communication Engineering, Management, Hospitality, Economics, Commerce, Psychology, English, Fine Arts and Fashion Designing etc.

Amity University Haryana is a research driven University that places great emphasis on high quality research and academic excellence. In a short span of 11 years of its existence, the University has made tremendous progress in global research and doctoral studies with dedicated Ph.D. programs in almost all domains. The doctoral research at Amity University Haryana follows global academic standards and provide state of the art facilities to the scholars.

At AUH Research and Innovations are pursued as a mission and with passion. The University faculties are research driven and presently have 51 higher end funded R & D projects from DST, DBT, ICMR, BARC and also consortium projects from international funding agencies. Further 101 high value patents have been filed by the University.



  • Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan
  • Dr. Aseem Chauhan
  • Prof. P.B. Sharma
  • Prof. Dr. Kamal Kant Dwivedi
  • Prof. Vikas Madhukar
  • Dr. Sanjna Vij
  • Mr. Dhiraj Upadhyaya
  • Prof. Padmakali Banerjee
  • Maj. Gen. P.K. Sharma
  • Dr. S.K. Jha
  • Dr. Atul Thakur
  • Dr. A.K. Yadav
  • Dr. Ranjana Kothari
  • Dr. Rajesh Nair
  • Mr. Ankit Kapur
  • Cmdr. Atul Kumar Kokanthankar
  • Dr. Sali PS
  • Mr. Karan Joura
  • Dr. Seema Paul
  • Ms. Neha Mahajan Amber
  • Ms. Nisha Ilyas
  • Mr. Bhagat Ram
  • Prof. M.S. Swaminathan
  • Prof. V.S. Ramamurthy
  • Prof. Ashutosh Sharma
  • Prof. R.A. Mashelkar
  • Prof. Shailesh Nayak
  • Prof. A.H. Zewail
  • Prof. D. Fink
  • Prof. Rakesh Bhatnagar
  • Prof. V.K. Malhotra
  • Prof. R.K. Pandey
  • Lt. Gen. V.K. Sharma
  • Prof. Raj Singh
  • Prof. Sunil Dhaneshwar
  • Prof. Amit Jain
  • Prof. Sandeep Sancheti
  • Prof. J.V. Vaishampayan
  • Prof. C. Raj Kumar
  • Prof. Yogesh Goswami
  • Dr. Rekha Dwivedi
  • Dr. Payel Sen
  • Dr. Regina Chermokina


Last date of Registration:

23rd August, 2021

Conference Date:

25th August, 2021

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Conference recommendations will be brought out after the conference, high-lighting the themes, keynote/Plenary lectures, discussion outcomes. These will be uploaded for all registered participants on the university website: htttps:www.amity.edu/gurugram/

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