Amitian Quest for Knowledge

He is wise who knows the sources of knowledge who has written and where it is to be found?.


To carry forward Amity?s rich heritage in academic excellence, the school has an excellent library set-up which caters to the needs of over 2500 students & staff of Amity International School, and also the Amity Global School, located in the same building. The Library set-up consists of two libraries - The Junior Library & the Senior Library. The Junior Library is mainly meant for students from Gr.2 to 5 and the Senior Library for students from Gr. 6 to 12 of AIS, and for students of the AGS. Both the libraries together have over 25,000 carefully chosen, age appropriate books, and subscribe to over 100 periodicals. In addition to books and periodicals, the libraries have a collection of DVDs/Videos, educational CD ROM databases and special resources to support the CBSE, Cambridge Lower Secondary, IGCSE, A Level & IB Programmes.

Proud Addition:

The newly established Senior Library with a floor space of 5358 sq. feet is a spacious, well-furnished, well organized and fully-computerized modern library. The library is centrally air-conditioned to provide a comfortable environment for the library users.

Students have access to ten computers to access the internet/the library catalogue and separate cabins for group study/project work.

The web based user friendly library catalogue is easily accessible to students and staff from anywhere through the Internet. Several online electronic resources suitable for students & staff, have been made available through the library catalogue site. These e-Resources include - Digital books, Audio books, Newspapers from around the world, Multi-lingual Dictionaries, DVDs, and several other e-resources in various subject areas. This online catalogue is to become a union catalogue of all the libraries of the Amity Group of Schools in the Delhi-NCR region - resulting in a network of Amity School libraries.

The library collection is nurtured and enriched constantly with Students and staff members actively recommending suitable resources through the link provided in the online library catalogue.The library is professionally run by the highly qualified and experienced Head Librarian, with the assistance of qualified librarians & trained support staff. Students and staff members needing guidance on how to do research for their project work are welcome to fix-up a time slot with the Head Librarian.

When you absolutely positively HAVE to know, ask a librarian.?

American Library Association
Click here for more details about the libraries & to access the library catalogue/e-resources.


AIS-46 Junior library is a state-of-the-art facility. A welcoming and modern user-centered environment has been created to provide support and enrichment to the teaching and learning programs at the school.

The large collection of 9500 books includes non-fiction for both study and personal interest and a popular and constantly growing fiction collection as well. Learner can not only find abundant knowledge on topics from his curriculum but can also quench his thirst for aptitude, language, history, religion, geography and any other dimension. This is in complete harmony to AIS's belief that knowledge alone brings with it light, harmony, humility and peace.

The library caters for all students with both quiet study and reading and group work areas. It is a highly organized and provides stimulus for studying, thinking and doing, for imagining, creating and learning. Students have access to a range of encyclopedias and full-text periodical databases.

Book Covers designed by children

Book Marks designed by children

A staff of teacher librarians (Ms. Arvind Kumari and Ms. Arpana Gupta) and library attendant (Mr. Janardhan Kishku) work closely with students to build skills in information literacy and manage the resources for optimum accessibility. They help students to become empowered as independent learners and knowledge builders.

The junior library is open to students and staff from 8.00 am to 2.00 pm on all school days. Regular scheduled classes are held weekly in the library for developing library skills. Students are encouraged to apply origami and art & craft skills.

Creative work done by children on basis of books read

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