Amity has some of the most talented and dedicated thought leaders in the country who come from the best institutions around the world. Not only are they academically and professionally amongst the best, but have high standards of moral and ethical values, so that they can be true role models.

Filed 701 patents

Authored over 500 books

Published 6000 papers



CUrrent Faculties

1 Prof R K Kapur Dy Director & Head M.Tech, PGDM,B.Tech
2 Prof ( Dr. ) Sujata Pandey Professor Ph.D, M.Sc, B.Sc
3 Dr. Anil Kumar Shukla Associate Prof Ph.D, M.Tech, M.Sc
4 Mr. V K Sharma Assistant Prof (Grade-III) M.Sc, B.Ed
5 Mr. Atul Kumar Srivastava Assistant Prof (Grade-III) M.Tech, MBA, MSc
6 Mr.Jitendra Singh Jadon Assistant Prof (Grade-III) M.E, B.E.
7 Mr. Mukul Varshney Assistant Prof (Grade-II) M.Tech, M. Sc
8 Ms. Manisha Gururani Assistant Prof (Grade-III) M.Tech, MBA, M.Sc 
9 Mr. Arvind Kumar Assistant Prof (Grade-III) B.Tech, M.E
10 Ms. Manisha Manoj Chahande Assistant Prof (Grade-III) M.Tech, B.Tech
11 Ms. Shubhra Dixit Assistant Prof (Grade-II) M.Tech, B.Tech
12 Ms. Neha Arora Assistant Prof (Grade-II) M.Tech, B.Tech
13 Dr. Vangmayee Sharda Assistant Prof (Grade-II) PhD, M.Tech ,M.Sc
14 Dr. Ashima Agarwal Assistant Prof (Grade-III) PhD,MBA, B.Com, ACS
15 Mr. Rajeev Pathak Assistant Prof (Grade-III) MBA, B.E
16 Ms. Mamta Sharma Assistant Prof (Grade-III) M.Phil, MBA, MA
17 Dr. Priyanka Agarwal Assistant Prof (Grade-III) PhD, MBA, B.Sc
18 Ms. Jyoti Agarwal Assistant Prof (Grade-I) M.Tech , B.Tech