Amity Institute of Food Technology
National Conference on
Functional Foods - Research, Innovations & Challenges

AMIFOST - 2019

18th December 2019


Dr. Ashok K Chauhan

Founder President RBEF


Dr. Atul Chauhan

Chancellor, Amity University


Dr. (Mrs.) Balvinder Shukla

Vice Chancellor, Amity University


Dr. V K Modi

Professor & Head of Institution, Amity Institute of Food Technology

Amity University Uttar Pradesh


Dr. W Selvamurthy, President, ASTIF, Director General- ADSI, Amity University Uttar Pradesh
Dr. Chindi Vasudevappa, Vice Chanchellor NIFTEM, Kundli, Sonipat
Dr. Raghavarao KSMS, Director CFTRI, Mysore
Dr. N Bhaskar, Advisor (Quality Assessment), FSSAI, GoI
Dr. Nutan Kaushik, DG Food & Agriculture, Amity University Uttar Pradesh
Dr.Saurabh Arora, Arbro Pharmaceuticals, New Delhi
Dr. A S Bawa, Former Director, Defense Food Research Laboratory
Dr. Neerja Hajela, Science Head, Yakult Danone
Mr. Indranil Chatterjee, Product Line Manager, Du Pont
Mr. Mohan Singh, Vice President Supply Chain, North-East, Hindustan Coco Cola Beverages, Pvt. Ltd.
Dr. A Madhavan, President, AFST (I) Delhi chapter
Dr. Eram Rao, Associate Professor, Delhi University


Dr. Monika Thakur, AIFT, Amity University Uttar Pradesh


Dr. Renu Khedkar, AIFT, Amity University Uttar Pradesh


Dr. Karuna Singh, AIFT, Amity University Uttar Pradesh

Registration Committee

Dr. Loveleen Sharma, AIFT, Chairperson
Dr. Meena Kumari, AIFT,
Dr. Soumya Ranjan Purohit, AIFT
Mr. Puneet Sharma, AIFT
Ms. Rekha Chawla, AIFT
Ms. Bhawna Pandey, AIFT
Ms. Jyoti Mishra, AIFT

Hospitality Committee

Mr. Ankit Paliwal, AIFT, Chairperson
Dr. Ashish M. Mohite, AIFT,
Ms Bhawna Pandey, AIFT
Mr. Satya Prakash, AIFT
Mr. Chandrashekhar Yadav, AIFT

Poster Committee

Dr. Neha Sharma, AIFT, Chairperson
Dr. Alok Saxena, AIFT,
Dr. Sunayan, AIFT
Mr. Chandrashekhar Yadav, AIFT

Oral Presentation Committee

Dr. Ravinder Kaushik, AIFT, Chairperson
Dr. Akanksha Pahwa, AIFT,
Mr. Hridyesh Saroha, AIFT
Ms. Jyoti Mishra, AIFT

Stage Management and Student Discipline Committee

Dr. Tanu Jain, AIFT, Chairperson
Dr. Rachna, AIFT

Award Committee:

Ms. Mandeep Kaur - AIFT, AUUP, Chairperson
Dr. Loveleen Sharma, AIFT, AUUP
 Ms. Bhawna Pandey, AIFT

Finance Committee

Ms. Rekha Chawla, AIFT
Dr. Karuna Singh, AIFT

Technical Committee:

Dr. Karuna Singh, AIFT, AUUP, Chairperson
Dr. V.K. Modi, Director, AIFT, AUUP
Dr. Renu Khedkar, AIFT, AUUP
Dr. Monika Thakur, AIFT, AUUP
Dr. P K Neema, NIFTEM
Dr. Sujata Pandit Sharma, Sharda University
Dr. Meenu Agarwal, University of Delhi
Dr. Ranjana Singh, University of Delhi
Dr. Rizwana Haleem, University of Delhi
Dr. Anita Malhotra, University of Delhi
Dr. Alka Joshi, Scientist, IARI, Delhi

University Advisory Committee:

Dr. Sunita Rattan, AIAS
Dr. Chanderdeep Tandon, AIB
Dr. S K Shukla, AIFS
Dr. Dhan Prakash, AUUP
Dr. Nalini Ramawat, AIOA
Dr. Rajeev Janardhan, AIPH
Dr. Aparna Sarkar, AIPAS
Dr. O P Sinha, AINT

About Amity Institute of Food Technology, Amity University, Noida

With the unparalleled vision and dynamic leadership of our Founder President, Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, Amity Institute of Food Technology (AIFT) was established under the aegis of Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Noida in 2006. AIFT offers two Under-graduate programme – B. Tech. (Food Technology), B.Sc.(H) Home Science, two Post-graduate programmes – M. Tech. (Food Technology) and M.Sc. (Foods & Nutrition) and two Doctoral programmes – Ph.D. (Food Technology) & Ph.D. (Foods & Nutrition). As a mission, AIFT has been functioning as a model educational institution and creating valuable human resource in the Food Science, Technology and Nutrition Domain for the last 10 years. It has also been successful in building Academia-Industry linkages to facilitate easy access for students for their Trainings and Placements. Institute is also taking a big leap in discovering, developing and designing next generation food and nutrition concepts which would eventually meet the needs of Industry and people to overcome malnutrition, optimal conservation and utilization of nation’s food resources.


The rising awareness of consumers toward the health benefits of foods and their nutritional benefits for potential disease prevention and health enhancement is the driving force of the global functional food and nutraceutical market. Functional foods are the medicinal foods that provide health benefits beyond energy and essential nutrients.Since the early 21st century, our society has been witnessing a continuous increase in life expectancy and, at the same time, greater attention to quality. Consumers are increasingly concerned about their health and pay more attention to their lifestyle and the healthiness of their diet. Functional food is a key concept for the future of nutrition. Functional foods and nutraceutical products are helping to improve health, reducing the healthcare costs, and supporting the economic development. The global functional foods market size was estimated at USD 161.49 billion in 2018. It is growing at a CAGR of 7.9%. Increasing demand for nutritional and fortifying food additives is anticipated to drive the growth. Food and beverage manufacturers are fortifying the food products with nutritional additives such as omega-3 fatty acids, fibers, vitamins, minerals, and others.

Growing demand for functional foods is also helping the producers to diversify their agriculture and marine-based crops and promoting research and innovation. Scientific discoveries and widespread interest in the potential medicinal benefits of foods and food components have fostered a variety of content, health and structure–function claims. Efficacy and safety of functional foods without proper scientific evidence is a critical area of concern for regulating agencies in the world. These regulations often allow manufacturers to imply that a food promotes health without providing proper scientific evidence. At the same time, regulations may ban claims that a food prevents disease, even when it does. Thus, understanding the research and developments in food science and technology is vital in assessing the future of food processing industry. This conference shall provide the platform to discuss trends & innovations in the field. In this context, Amity Institute of Food Technology announces, “A National Conference,” Amity Conference of Food Scientists and Technologists- AMIFOST-2019 on the theme “Functional foods – Research, Innovations and Advancements”, scheduled to be held on 18th December 2019 at Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Noida.

The Conference will bring together Food Laureates, Scientists, Researchers, Entrepreneurs, Academicians, Chemists, Dietitians, Nutritionists, Engineers, Technologists from all over the world to debate on the latest scientific advances in the field of Food Science, Technology and Nutritional Science that help to shape current and future challenges in food research.


  • To look at innovations in technology for value added food products and practices
  • To understand national and international regulations in Functional foods & Nutraceuticals.
  • To promote research and development in Nutraceuticals. 
  • To exchange technical information, with special reference to traditional functional foods

The conference will focus on most recent challenges, and the newest updates on the following themes:

  • Functional, traditional, medicinal and novel foods
  • Challenges before Functional food industry
  • Novel applications in Probiotics
  • Nutritional deficiency and disorders
  • Global competitiveness: functional foods
  • Regulations, safety & quality


Researchers, scientists, policy makers, academicians, and students are invited to submit a 250- word abstract on any of the conference themes or related areas to by 30th November, 2019. A committee will review the abstract and the selected abstracts will be published in the conference proceedings. The selected full chapters shall be published as book chapters in a book published by renowned publishers having ISBN No.


Industry Professional
Rs. 2500/-
Rs. 1000/-
Research Scholar & Students
Rs. 500/-

The registration fee includes conference kit, meals and mid-session refreshment. The research scholars and students are required to produce a valid certification from Principal Investigator / valid identity card of the institute while receiving conference kit. The filled registration form along with the proof of payment of registration fee/demand draft should be sent to by 30th November 2019.

The online registration link is:

Gold Sponsorship
Rs. 2,00,000
Silver Sponsorship
Rs. 1,00,000
Bronze Sponsorship
Rs. 50,000
Complimentary registration of 2 delegates

Full page colored advertisement in souvenir/proceedings
Complimentary registration of 1 delegate

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Complimentary registration of 1 delegate

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Online payments are welcome and you are requested to pay online. In case you are not able to complete the transaction process online, the payment can be made through Bank Transfer/Bank Demand Draft drawn in favour of “Amity University Uttar Pradesh” payable at Noida. The Bank detail for wire transfer is as under:

Name as in Bank Records : Allahabad Bank

Operating Bank Account No. : 20519034454

Bank Branch Name : Amity University Campus

Bank Branch Address : Sector-125, Amity Campus, Noida, Distt. Gautam Budh Nagar-201301

IFS Code : ALLA0212270


Abstract Submission

30th November, 2019

Full Length Paper

10th December, 2019


30th November, 2019


Dr. Monika Thakur
Amity Institute of Food Technology


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