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GLRC 2022

7th Global Leadership Research Conference (GLRC 2022) is being planned on 16th - 18th February 2022 on the theme Leading in the New Reality: Insights into Actions.

16th - 18th February 2022

Human Resource Forum

Human Resource Forum Theme: HR 5.0 for Managing Business Transitions: Agenda for the New Normal

The interface between humans and technology has further been accelerated during the pandemic. This has led to a state where its impact has brought about a new set of challenges and opportunities for organizations that needs to be understood, explored, and addressed. This has led leaders to revisit and realign their strategies to the emerging business scenario such that organizations are able to manage their transitions by keeping the well-being and happiness of employees in the middle and build capabilities, competencies and capacities for the emerging new roles, technologies, and critical skills for the future of HR.

Leadership Forum Theme - Revolutionizing Leadership for a New World:  2022 and Beyond

Business landscape is transforming at an exponential rate. Organizational growth is highly unpredictable. The technology, the competitive environment, geopolitics, demographic shifts are continuously changing in the unprecedented times we all live in. The worldwide, borderless marketplace has rendered traditional business models archaic. A new mix of generations and cultures has led to more diverse teams and perspectives. Today they’re more volatile and disruptive than ever, with a new push to reckon with: the coronavirus pandemic.

With organizational priorities witnessing a swift shift to create the next new normal, the business leaders around the globe are expected to facilitate these shifts and implement new strategies. The "new normal" in business is characterised by disruption and change. It necessitates the organizations and leaders to not only adapt but also reinvent themselves.   

Leadership has never been more vital, and it's never been harder. To thrive and create long-term success in such an unpredictable business environment, leaders need new business models and new capabilities. Leaders need to find a way to embrace disruption, handle uncertainty and translate complexity to mobilize others and work through change. Being an effective leader is about being pioneer, innovative, unconventional, and futuristic by approach.

The Leadership forum aims to address the leadership challenges and craft strategies that shall enable leaders to successfully embrace the “unfamiliar’ and build new business models for organizational success.

Marketing Forum Theme: Marketing Ecosystem: New Realities & Insights

The pandemic has shown the world that sustainable change is easily adaptable. In decades to come, the world will need to gear up to face the challenges posed by waste disposal mechanisms, climate change and global emissions and devise new, innovative and bio-degradable practices. A responsible approach towards consumerism, eco-friendliness and social marketing is the need of the day. The business world will have to identify opportunities in these times of crisis and increase their ability to survive in this competitive environment by satisfying the three components of sustainability namely Plant Biosphere, Human Society and the Economy.

As more and more responsible consumers and business organisations wake up to the needs of eco-friendly products and processes, disciplines like green marketing and cause marketing are becoming the popular business drivers.

This Marketing Forum will discuss how companies are adopting newer and eco-conscious ways of trying to accept the change and make the world a better and greener place to live in.

Operations and Quality Forum

Operations and Quality Forum is a corporate event organized as a Part of the Global Leadership and Research Conference. It marks the congregation of business icons from organizations, distinguished academicians, and management students with an aim to develop new insights, share knowledge and learn the quality tricks to contest the challenges offered in today’s challenging environment.

Operations and Quality Management is critical in a business since it aids in the efficient management, control, and supervision of commodities, services, and people. It assists in the resolution of issues and challenges relating to inventory, supply chain, and logistics, which are at the heart of any business. The event Operations and Quality Forum is an effort by Amity Business School to encourage corporate academia interaction vis-à-vis academic excellence. It acts as an interactive tool to develop skills as well as knowledge sharing between corporate houses and B-School students. Operations and Quality Forum aims at inspiring and educating students as well the corporate delegates about the best quality practices being implemented by top companies.