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GLRC 2022

7th Global Leadership Research Conference (GLRC 2022) is being planned on 16th - 18th February 2022 on the theme Leading in the New Reality: Insights into Actions.

16th - 18th February 2022



Finance Track:

Academicians, researchers, scientists, and practitioners are encouraged to contribute abstracts, papers, field studies, and case studies on the recommended themes below. This is not an exhaustive list, and participants are encouraged to contribute in any field that connects to sustainability, the environment, innovation, public policy, development, organisational transformation, and management in general.

General Management Track Theme: Technology - Boosting Economy and Fostering Entrepreneurship

Industry is undergoing a transformation from being based in physical branches to using information technology (IT) and big data, together with highly specialized human capital. Even before pandemic this transformation began, industry and markets had become intertwined, with a higher proportion of intermediary activities becoming market based. There is volatility and greater competition from other intermediaries. A change in the use of technology in developing new services and business models has been unfolding with the rise different competitors in the market. Industry is looking for agile approach and use innovation to adopt it fast. Indeed, the major change is now coming from digital disruptions leaving incumbents with potentially obsolete legacy technologies. The main objectives of the Track are:

Human Resource Track Theme: Symbiotics, Synergy and Strategizing Through HR: Building Capacities, Capabilities and Competencies for the Future

The human facets of the pandemic has been enormous. The ways and means in which management of people has been affected, is a story in itself. During this period, organizations maximsed the usage of technology, thus making it an enabler, in realizing their strategic intent. These two years have given ample lessons to redefine and ways to sustain the businesses. It is time to ponder and reflect upon such key issues and practices along with the challenges faced with respect to strategies, policies procedures and employee experiences. This is important as future businesses need to be agile and proactive with respect to issues relating to human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption etc. such that a principle-based and inclusive culture can be created for times to come.

Marketing Track Theme: Marketing Ecosystem: New Realities & Insights 

The pandemic will soon be behind us, and companies are looking up to the research community to provide suggestions and solutions or show the path ahead. Academicians, researchers, and research organizations must help create a better understanding on how the industry must face key strategic and implementation challenges in these times. We never know this might prove to be a turning point in the way ‘Marketers Think’. The new ecosystem maybe even more interconnected and interdependent amongst the various domains of marketing or may even be skewed towards any one domain. It is for the researchers along with industry practitioners to explore and exhibit their findings to the community and pave the path for sustainable development across sectors.

Operations Track Theme: - Operations and Supply Chain Management: Rising from the Current Challenges

Leaders are crucial in ensuring that an organization's policies and processes are consistent across all major business areas. Developing a set of sustainable business practices has an impact on the relationship between the company, its employees, and consumers. Integration of sustainability in operations is a need of the hour. By continuously enhancing its operations and supply chain performance, Operations Management adds value to the business and all stakeholders, allowing it to deliver distinctive products and services to customers. In this track various academicians, practitioners, Ph.D. scholars, and other researchers will be brought together to deliver research papers to spread and share information and experiences related to ways to improve Operations and Supply Chain Management of a firm.