A year full of achievements. A year ahead full of new goals.
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1st Jan 2014
Amity Innovation Incubator, Amity Campus , Noida

An Interactive Session On New Companies Act 2013 With Speakers From KPMG
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12th Dec 2013
Amity Innovation Incubator, Amity Campus , Noida

A Learning Session with Amazon Web Services
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27th Nov 2013
Amity Innovation Incubator, Amity Campus , Noida

Steering Value Creation
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12th Nov 2013
Amity Innovation Incubator, Amity Campus , Noida

An Interactive Session on Valuation
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23rd Oct 2013
Amity Innovation Incubator, Amity Campus , Noida

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The Amity Innovation Incubator is a pioneering concept in the context of Indian Universities. Supported by DST, Ministry of Science & Technology, GOI, 'Amity Innovation Incubator ' has in a very short time of its existence earned an enviable position for itself with start-ups which have regularly been on top of the innovation curve and have been recognized on platforms like 'The Power of ideas', Read Herring Global winner, Tata NEN and NASSCOM Innovation Awards to name a few.

Amity Innovation Incubator 's ACHIEVEMENTS:

• 100 + Companies Incubated (physical & virtual); all showing significant financial & operating growth
• Employment generated for more than 3500 people
• 263 + patents filed by Incubator for entrepreneurs, faculty and researchers
• Ground breaking technologies being commercialized and utilized by groups such as Delhi Metro, LG Electronics, Microsoft,    GreenSocs, Cadence Design Systems, Himachal Pradesh Geological Department, Noida Traffic Police etc.
• Strategic collaboration with incubators in Europe , USA and Asia
• 42 start-ups established by Faculties & Students of Amity University
• 11 Incubatees funded under "Support of Entrepreneurial and Managerial Development of SMEs through Incubators"
• Risk Capital raised for 4 Incubatee Companies under SIDBI-SAS Scheme
• Over $40m invested in Incubatee companies through Mergers & Acquisition and Angel Investments
• Close ties with VC and Angel networks.
• Launched virtual Incubation in 17 cities like Mumbai, Ahmedabad , Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kochi, Bangalore etc.


Amity Innovation Incubator has a clear philosophy to encourage and incubate technology based new enterprises with innovative products and services. Infact, stringent selection process is the reason behind the success of 'Amity Innovation Incubator '. Each business proposal/Incubation request is carefully screened on various parameters set-up by Industry experts/mentors to ensure that only commercially viable and investable proposals get through.


Sectors:  As a mandate 'Amity Innovation Incubator ' undertakes to incubate enterprises which have innovative products and services with technology
as the backbone.
Team Strength: Enterprises with promising teams and relevant exposure in all the crucial areas relevant to the business get
through the screening process.
Innovation Scale: To ensure that the right innovations get the required exposure, only Enterprises with innovative product and services are invited to avail support from 'Amity Innovation Incubator '
Scalability: Amity Innovation Incubator 's experts ensure that the feasibility of the Project and their scalability are given due consideration who have the vision to change the dynamics of the existing Industry.
Ideal Gestation Period: Amity Innovation Incubator 's mandate is to make sure that Incubatees graduate within 3 yrs. of the tenure with commercial success.
Strong Business Model: Strength of the Business Model and the Team are two crucial elements to the success of any innovative technology venture. To put right this element, Amity Innovation Incubator 's team of Advisors/Mentors ensures that extensive thought and understanding goes into the Enterprises Business Model.
ROI Potential: A venture's success is measured by the return offered to its stakeholders. 'Amity Innovation Incubator ' understands and respect the rationale of its Investors who have been partners in Incubatees success.