HIV infections are well known throughout the world. Infections of HIV are considered as one of the worst epidemic of 20th century. As a matter of fact, HIV infections were for the 1st time discovered in 1982 among 5 gay men from Los Angeles in USA. As per one estimate >65 million people have been infected with HIV, so far. At present, >33 million people are living with HIV infections. As a matter of fact in 1982, when HIV infection was reported for the first time, neither HIV nor AIDS words were part of medical dictionaries. Soon, HIV infections were reported all across the world and people from all ages and both sexes were reported to be infected with HIV. Geographically, Africa is the worst affected place for HIV infection, while India is considered the 2nd most worst affected nation of the world. In India, >2 million people are infected with HIV. Prevalence of HIV infection is very low in India but total number of HIV infections is quite high for an infectious agent like HIV. Even though, HIV infected people have access to improved anti-retroviral drugs, which is helpful to improve health-status of these patients. The quantum of infected patients strongly indicates towards intense researches for prevention and treatment of HIV infection. Certainly it is more warranted in Indian circumstances. Therefore, Amity Science Technology and Innovation Foundation (ASTIF) is organizing a two days symposium on “HIV and AIDS: Biology to Bedside” on March 15th – 16th 2012, at Amity University Uttar Pradesh, NOIDA.

The main purpose of this symposium is to explore the current status of HIV infections and AIDS and its impact on Indian society. This symposium will also discuss pathogenesis and means for prevention of HIV infections in India, along with experiences of workforce actively engaged in treating this disease. The deliberation of experts during the symposium will be informative and useful for general society who would like to develop awareness about HIV and AIDS and abrest themselves with the latest development in the field. This symposium will be helpful to professionals engaged with different aspects of HIV and AIDS epidemic like doctors, researchers, social workers, students, etc.

The symposia will host leading scientists and clinicians to share their experiences and insights on the following major themes:

Dr. Ashok k. Chauhan

Mr. Atul Chauhan
Dr. V. M. Katoch
Prof. S. K. Brahmachari
Dr. I. S. Gilada
Dr. Bimdeshwar Pathak

Maj. Gen. K. J. Singh

Dr. Ajit Varma

Dr. Ashish S. Verma
Dr. Ruby Bansal (CME)

Dr. Anchal Singh


Prof. R. S. Paranjape
Prof. Sarman Singh
Prof. N. K. Mehra
Prof. Kiran Katoch
Prof. S. P. Vyas
Dr. S. K. Sarin
Dr. S. K. Singh
Dr. T. Dhole
Prof. Sunil Saran
Mr. Sayan Chatterjee

Prof. A. K. Srivastava
Prof. K. C. Upadhyaya
Prof. S. N. Raina
Prof. Narayan Rishi
Prof. Pankaj Sharma
Dr. Sunil Lal
Dr. A. C. Banrejea
Dr. U. Sengupta


Dr. Amit C. Kharkwal
Dr. Neeraj Shrivastava
Dr. Amit Kaushik
Dr. Neeraj Khare
Mr. Anil Chandra
Ms. Sneha Sharan
Ms. Kavita Dubey