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Nuclear energy plays an increasingly important role in India’s energy security and sustainable development plans. Non-proliferation is almost universally stated as an aspirational objective of nuclear technology development. Understanding of nuclear security in terms of technical, policy, and regulatory aspects is very important for achieving and maintaining worldwide a high level of safety and security at nuclear facilities.
Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan


Amity Institute of Nuclear Science & Technology

Founder President

Ritnand Balved Education Foundation (The Foundation of Amity Institutions and the sponsoring body of Amity Universities)


When it comes to energy security and the per capita energy available for individuals, nuclear energy emerges as the most prominent and sustainable source of environmental friendly energy not only for India, but for most of the countries around the globe. Nuclear as fuel has great potential for electricity generation, vis-a-vis its application for making a destructive device and hence creation of threat is equally viable. In view of the same nuclear security becomes one of the prime objectives of the technology development. The same has been depicted in the four Nuclear Energy Summits, and the world has joined hands for better security practices and for enhanced usage of nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. Thinking on these lines AINST has introduced the course of Introduction to Nuclear Security and Nuclear Security and Security Culture. These courses have been developed in lines of the guidelines given by International Atomic Energy Agency, located at Vienna and have been approved or peer reviewed by academicians and technicians working in the field of nuclear security from Kings College London, Texas A & M University and Indian University Experts in nuclear Technology. AINST, AUUP has been organizing Professional Development courses for the curriculum development on nuclear security and have updated the courses by organizing workshop on “Nuclear Security Curriculum Review” during June 2017.

Dr. Ashok K Chauhan, Founder President Amity Education Group graced the occasion during the inaugural of workshop. Dr. Chauhan proposed the idea of establishing a society comprising of Indian experts in the field of nuclear security and its allied areas. This is to develop a sense of responsibility and accountability to secure the nuclear materials. Dr. Chauhan intended to proliferate this information and the best practices for the India Universities for better insight of these practices.

Mission & Vision

This Society will bring together academicians and subject matter experts from the field of nuclear science and technology and nuclear security for better insight of the global positioning of India. Experts from Centre for Air Power Studies, JNU, DU, IDSA would be available on a single platform for better enlightenment of the audience in the concerned field. They would be discussing the challenges and opportunities of the emerging nuclear governance architecture. India can play a more proactive role as a driver of new ideas on the subject.


  • To organize workshop/seminar to foster the networking among academicians and the sharing of knowledge of safety and security on nuclear energy.
  • To launch online nuclear security education portal, where all the members of the network can contribute in terms of providing nuclear security related study materials, online lecture towards the developing curricula in Indian Universities.
  • To increase the chances of research collaboration with national institutions to name a few IITs, Universities, Research Institutes as well as international organizations and to share the expertise among the members.

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Ambassador of World Institute of Nuclear Security (WINS)
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