Prof.(Dr.) Jasobanta Sethi Qualification : MPT (Sports Injury), Ph.D.
Designation: Professor & Director AIPT

Dr. Neha Gupta Qualification : MPT (Neurology), PhD
Designation:Asst. Professor (Grade – III)

Dr. Sanjib Kumar Das Qualification : MPT (Musculoskeletal), Fellow Doctoral (PhD)  
Designation:Asst. Professor (Grade – III)

Dr. Pragya Kumar Qualification : MPT (Musculoskeletal), Ph.D.
Designation:Asst. Professor (Grade – III)

Dr. Anu Bansal Qualification : MPT (Sports injury)
Designation:Asst. Professor (Grade – II)

Dr. Meena Gupta Qualification : MPT (Neurology), PhD
Designation:Asst. Professor (Grade – II)

Dr Jasmine K Chawla Qualification : MPT(Sports injury), Ph.D.
Designation:Asst. Professor (Grade – II)

Dr. Pankaj Malik Qualification : MPT (CBR), MPhil
Designation:Asst. Professor (Grade – I)

Dr. Ankit Jain Qualification : MPT (Neurology), PhD
Designation:Assistant Professor (II) and OPD In Charge

Dr. Bhavna Anand Qualification : MPT (Musculoskeletal)
Designation:Teaching Associate

Dr. Aditi Singh Qualification : MPT (Neurology)
Designation:Clinical Physiotherapist


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Prof (Dr) Jasobanta Sethi : PHYOG is combination of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (Physiotherapy) and Ardhamatsyendrasana and OM chanting (Yoga) copyrighted through Govt. of India, (L-89776/2020)


Dr Pragya : First Position in Paper presentation ( Senior Category) at Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies, 2021

Dr. Aditi Singh : Physiotherapist Outstanding Achievement Kalam Of Physios Award by Sports Connect 2021

Dr. Aditi Singh Physiotherapist 1st position in paper presentation in professional category by 3rd National sports Conference of Sports and Advanced Physiotherapy 2021



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