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Abstract Submission

Scientific Contributions will be accepted and presented as oral presentation or posters. The abstracts (please follow the guidelines) must be prepared and send online.

Abstract Submissions Open
November 14, 2017
Abstract Submissions Deadline
Oct. 15, 2018

General Guidelines
  1. Only abstracts from registered participants will be published
  2. One author at least per submitted paper must be registered for the Conferecne
  3. Contributions will be reviewed by Scientific Committees
  4. Instructions for poster or oral presentation will be provided at the time of acceptance
  5. Authors must ensure use of standard English
  6. Errors in the text will not be corrected, the content and literary standard of abstracts is author's responsibility
  7. Committee reserves the right to accept or reject abstract
  8. Committee reserves the right to decide on oral or poster presentation
Guidelines for Abstract Preparation
  1. Abstract should contain Title (20 words max.), Authors & Affilications, Presenting Author, keywords (06 words max.), abstract body should contain (250 words max.)- brief introduction with objectives, bried remarks of methodology, findings and conclusion
  2. No bibliography or images are accepted
  3. All symbols in the text must be inserted through the insert symbol menu and not through the Symbol font
  4. Submit abstracts using the online portal only
  5. Authors are requeired to generate User Name and Password for abstract submission
Please submit your abstract to arcg2018@jpr.amity.edu