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Welcome to Amity School of Architecture and Planning

Amity School of Architecture and Planning (ASAP)

Welcome to the Amity School of Architecture and Planning (ASAP) under the aegis of Amity University Uttar Pradesh (AUUP), one of the leading universities with a strong presence Nationally and Internationally. With more than a decade of its establishment (2005), the school has built a tradition of fostering excellence in technical education in the domain of architecture and planning industry. We invite you to explore the vibrant and diverse community that is deeply focused on quality and holism. Amity adopts a student-centric model in delivering its discourse.





Our aptitude for research-based education is driven by exploring multiple angles to a problem. The spotlight of research works carried out in ASAP lift the lid from the immediate concerns to the urban built environment and take on developing innovative methodologies to derive interventions.


Amity School of Architecture and Planning is dedicated to initiate a research-based environment and integrate the aspects of R&D into the education system. Its ample resources are committed to help you navigate the requirements of a successful career.